Neighbour's Wife

I’m Being Tempted By My Neighbour’s Wife

So I thought I had really dirty secrets…yea I do. But this one is still happening as I write and I am so confused about it. Just finished talking about it with my most trusted female friend. I might have sex with my neighbour’s wife.


So we have a 2 bedroom boys quarters rented out to this family of four. 2 kids. A lady of 35 (I found out during our conversation yesterday).

Because I have had experiences with older women, I tend to understand certain moves from them. I know she has been having sexual thoughts about me because of the way she acts when am around.

She tries to make the conversation about boys or girls, she always wears short skirts and bends deliberately whenever I am close.

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So yesterday, I didn’t go to work, decided to bring out my old shoes and do some cleaning, while cleaning she came out and we started talking about random stuff.

My neighbour’s wife was wearing nothing a skimpy skirt as usual, the conversation went to alcohol and she told me she takes alcohol only when she felt like having wild sex. The discussion quickly settled on sex and she told me how wild she could be. Me knowing where this could probably lead to but still wanting to see how things play out.

Neighbour's Wife
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I played along, told her I have been with older women before (definitely not a married one) and I enjoyed it whenever she called me a bad boy while I regaled her with my tales of conquest.

She then asked me if I could keep secrets, in my mind I knew that was it. She was gonna give it to me. We were all alone in the whole building, but we were not so comfy because anyone could just walk in at any time, locking the gate will also raise suspicions.

Well I agreed I could keep secrets and she asked if I could handle her (told her I don’t like having sex with slim ladies, love some big booty). I told her I have handled bigger. She said I was just talking cheap, I asked her if I sounded like an inexperienced guy and she responded with a no.

We were both feeling uncomfortable, I was getting a boner just looking at her while cleaning my shoes, a few pairs that shouldn’t take 30 mins to get done with has suddenly taken me more than an hour. She kept calling me bad boy while we tried to change the topic, but somehow it kept coming back to sex.

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Well I excused myself, told her I needed to get something from inside the house, thing is I wanted to get my boner down, I think she must have seen it, she followed me into the house and said ‘I will grab you someday’, me playing the bad boy asked if she was gonna grab my dick or me as a whole and she said both.

I couldn’t believe my luck when she grabbed my dick and squeezed it, this good-looking well built woman, with the kind of ass that is in my range favourite sizes was gently squeezing my dick and looking straight into my eyes.

Neighbour's Wife
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Don’t expect me to tell you we kissed, its not a movie, we didn’t, I numbly took my hands and touched her tits, she pushed my hands away, bent down, took my dick out of my boxer shorts and straight into her mouth… this all happened in a flash trust me.

She sucked me like 3 strokes and then suddenly burst out laughing and ran out of the building, I was too weak to follow, I couldn’t believe my luck, I wanted to get to the root. She went to her room and messaged me(something she has never done before) telling me to find a hotel in the next town and take her there this weekend for ‘treat’,

she added that she wanted my “cucumber” in her. I was pleased that a married woman has also appreciated my size.

She asked if I loved using condoms, I replied with a firm no, I wanna feel the flesh, she said that was what she loved too.

I had my shower and went out to see a client (I am a web developer). I was already scouting for places by asking my friends (the sexperts) for their hideouts. I was excited.

The twist came on my way back home, I was in the car and was thinking, ‘this is a married woman, damn, I am bad but I have a conscience, man I can’t do this.’

So Thursday passed without any further incident, I left my phone off, so no calls or messages from her (not really expecting that tho).


Everyone has left for work, I have some demos today so I tried to concentrate on what modules I needed to get ready. A knock on the door, I went to answer the door, lo and behold, she stood in front of the door with a tank top that was obviously too small for her boobs to fit in…damn..I wanted to bury my face in em, I instantly got hard…I was gonna f**k!

She asked to come in (surely no one was gonna come anytime soon because unlike yesterday, this was around 8:30 am, everyone was surely gone )and I obliged knowing how things might go.

She came into the seating room and stood by the door…somehow we both felt like anyone could just bash in at anytime…so we stood there by the door, feeling ourselves, her hands felt good(I loved older ladies because they knew the right things to do), I also played with her boobs a bit. we did that for say 15 minutes…can’t really track time with that mindset can you?

I felt like my mum would just bash in anytime. So we continued, I was thinking of different ways to take it further or stop it, I looked at my laptop and remembered how being with a woman had caused me to delay works before, I summoned courage and told her to please give me sometime to wrap up the work. She told me her place would be better because then I could say I went to fix her phone or maybe kill some non-existent rodent.

She went back and I came back to concentrate on wrapping up my modules. I finished my modules by 11 or so. My meeting is not until 3, armed with a lie (fixing phone or killing a rat), I went confidently, she was gonna sit on me, that’s how I wanted it…and I was gonna have to go down and eat her first. I went and knocked on her door, no answer, I knocked answer…I was already hard at this point.

So I went back to our part of the house, disappointed of course, I went on Stackoveflow to look for django or laravel questions to answer…I spend my free time there. I sat by the window where I could have a view of the main gate….then maybe quarter of any hour later, I heard the gate open and was so happy, I need to go do this mehnnnnnn.


In came my mum, I don’t think it was even 12 noon already. How come? Wow

I opened the door for mum and started asking her questions.

Why are you back so early? Anything the matter? Did you forget something? bla bla bla.

Mum went upstairs to her room while I resumed my former position, then came the lady, she was holding a few things, turns out she rushed to the supermarket just a few minutes away to get some supplies.

She got in and I waited for her message because I knew she would. Still nothing came.

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Well it finally came teasing me on how my mum had spoilt my show (guess she saw mum entering while she walked back, I didn’t ask anyway).

A lot of thoughts started racing in my mind, what if I was there while mum came back, surely she must notice something unusual when I got back, another thought was what if the woman’s husband came in randomly the way my mum did?


She then messaged again asking me to come, I told her my mum was back and she knows what, she replied saying she didn’t care because I have made her super horny and she needed to ride me. I started getting another boner just thinking of that. Well somehow, I was able to refuse because with the presence of my mum at home, I would be making a very risky move that could likely not end well.

Anyway, thats how I was lucky or not lucky today.

What I know in my mind after deep thoughts about the events of the past 2 days is I honestly don’t wanna do it. The fact that my neighbour’s wife gave me a brief BJ and I touched her boobs tears me apart.

I don’t know how to stop all this now. One of us might need to leave the house and that will likely be her, but If I ask my parents to send them packing, I can’t run away from this.

This is the dirtiest thing I have done and might do.

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PS: She told me she has sex with other men because of her current financial status and that my d**k is almost twice her husband’s, I might not be able to enter her completely but when we do it a lot , I will fit in perfectly as others before me have.


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