I Blackmailed A Co-Worker Into Sex

I blackmailed a co-worker into sex and later realized it was a set-up.


I was assistant manager of a building materials supply company at age 26.

In one of my visits to nature’s call, I came across a dirty magazine in the restroom, it was tempting as hell to read through. To while away the moments, I looked through.

In one of the pages was a story about a jewellery store owner catching a female employee stealing jewellery and how she begged him not to call the police. She had sex with him instead. The details were very graphic.

A few days later something similar occurred in my own store.

There was a new cashier, a divorced woman in her late thirties.

She was counting the cash in the drawers after the close of a sales day. I came around the corner on my routine walks in the store and I saw her stuff some bills into her pocket.

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We had worked together for months and though she was attractive, I’d never been particularly attracted. I clearly saw her put the bills in her pocket and she looked guilty as hell. The magazine story immediately flashed in my head.

I threatened to call the police and she started sobbing and begging me not to and not to turn her in to the owner. She was blubbering about how hard the divorce was and how she couldn’t lose the job.

I told her she had to be punished for stealing and I would call the police or she could accept her punishment here tonight. “Straight out of the magazine” punishment I had planned.

Her blubbering slowed and she said, “What do you mean by Straight from the magazine”, my response was – “take off your blouse.”

She said she couldn’t do that but with little conviction. I reached for the phone and she started to unbutton.

I told her to take her pants off, and she acted reluctant but she did. I looked at her in her bra and panties and realized she had a great figure.

I picked up her clothes and told her to come into my small office. I sat in my office chair and made her stand in front of me. She was trapped between my legs with the desk behind her.

I told her to take off her bra. She acted real reluctant but she did. I realized that this was more erotic than the magazine story.

She pulled her panties down and I was throbbing with lust. I realized that having this power over her was incredibly hot.

I said that what would give me pleasure was for her to kneel down and take my cock out and give me pleasure.

She slowly knelt and the sensation of power was unbelievable. She unhooked my belt and opened everything and her hand felt magnificent. Soon she was sucking me and as I sat back in the chair and looked down at this older woman, on her knees with my cock emerging and disappearing in her mouth, I was feeling unbelievable.

I stopped her before I came, lifted her and made her sit on the desk. I pushed her back to make her lie down. I opened the top drawers on either side of the desk and put her feet in them. I pulled her hips forward, trapping her. I looked at her laying there, naked and trapped made me even more horney than I’d ever been.

I stroked her inner thighs and she protested a little but soon my fingers were opening her. When I stroked her clit, she started to squirm and seemed to start enjoying it.


I stood and put my cock into her. She was wet as hell and really got into it. I pounded her hard and when my loins slapped her ass, her tits were bouncing. I grabbed them roughly and squeezed them firmly. Her hips were bucking to meet my thrust.

When I came, she was limp. I sat in the chair and soon she was squirming and trying to free her feet. She worked them free while I watched and she sat up, reaching for her clothes.

I said that her punishment was not over yet.i turned her around and pushed her down on the desk. I pushed her legs apart and entered her from behind.

The feeling of control was intense as I kept her pinned to the desk while I enjoyed the sensation her wet sex was giving my cock.

When I came, she stood and asked me if this was the end of her punishment or if I planned to do this to her in the future.

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I said she would have to submit whenever I wanted her until I decided she’d been punished enough.

She smiled wearily and said, “just like that story in the magazine?”

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