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How To Use Facebook Creative Hub to Boost Your Business

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A critical part of your ads planning and creation process deals with the CREATIVE HUB of Facebook Business. How to make the most of it is a sequel to my earlier publication, “How These Social Media Platforms Can Boost Your Business. We started with Facebook and delved into Audience Insight and how to get the most out of it. In this publication, I shall try to explain how to make the most of our Creative Hub. I must also add that Instagram is part of the Facebook family, therefore, creatives done on the Facebook platform can or will be placed on Instagram as well to get an extensive reach.

The creative hub gives you access to explore options that can get you to use simple templates to create a pro-like carousel, video and image ads that engage with your customers. Many people run businesses on Facebook yet have little or no knowledge of how to create marketing content just like the ones they see as sponsored ads by these name brands. Please do not that the creative hub can be accessed from the Business Manager portal via your Facebook Business Page or Click Here to access yours.

Ads to Create with the Creative Hub

The benefits of using the creative hub are;

  • create mock-up ads and you get to see a live preview on all device options
  • ability to send these mock-up ads to anyone particularly when you have business partners that need to issue of approvals before the ads run.
  • a pool of other creative ads from name brands used in their successful campaigns as a template for which to edit to get stunning ads that engage and converts.

You can create the below with the Hub;

1. Videos
creative video

You can create three types of videos for sharing that gets your content to your customers.

A single video that is perfect to qualify your business to deliver an elevator pit to convert your audience into a customer. This gives businesses the opportunity to reach out to customers for a call to action by using the medium to direct them to their landing pages for a purchase or traffic.

The other is using a set of informative images to create a slideshow. This is ideal to showcase products and services on sale with a compelling call to action online.

The 360 degrees video allows the customer to explore. This is particularly good if you want your customers to experience your business processes. A great avenue to enable your online audience to enjoy a tour of your business as a way of getting well informed.

interactive creative

These kinds of creatives make online experience an interactive one.

Insta Experience combines a video and a set of panoramic images to create a connection with the audience and inspire a call to action for a sell.

Quoting for Facebook, interactive allows you to “create a custom immersive mobile experience”. This gives you the chance to give your online audience a chance to scroll, swipe and zoom to check out details.

The Carousel allows businesses to tell their stories with a set of sequential images. This is fantastic to share information about a service or a DIY.

A collection gives the opportunity for the user to tap and view your ad as fullscreen. This provides the opportunity to get your entire portfolio out there for the audience to make a call. This is a great idea for e-commerce shops.

facebook image business

Social Media is inundated with this particular type and it even allows sharing to other platforms such as Twitter. Images are featured in all of the above creatives and its usually a flyer of your business and contains key information.

Bottom Line

It is important to know what the Facebook Guidelines are regarding Images and Videos. These guidelines allow you to get your ads to perform well. Facebook allows you to test your images and videos for their compatibility.

Videos – 15 sec or more for length(videos less than 10 sec gets more results), 4GB size and a 4:5 aspect ratio

Images – Less than 20% text display, 1080*1080pixel and an aspect ratio of 1.

Facebook also allows you to get inspired by ads by name brands that delivered success and also to create a mockup using their format as a template.

The objective of your ads needs to clear to generate the desired growth and profit. This could be for a variety of objectives. Reach, Brand Awareness, Traffic to your site, post engagements, Page Likes, Event Responses or App installs.

In my next Publication, we explore the other parts of the business manager to empower you to take charge of your social media business for growth and profits.

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