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How to Prepare Tom Brown Porridge
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Mama’s Special; an Emerging Business as profiled by AFROSAGES presents to you How to Prepare Tom Brown Porridge, a simple and budget friendly breakfast or supper recipe for all ages.

The Tom Brown Porridge recipe is one of West African origin. Its preparation especially Mama’s Special Tom Brown Porridge is highly nutritious and mostly used as food supplement for weaning growing babies. Adults also enjoy Mama’s Special Tom Brown as a regular source of breakfast or as a lightly packed dinner.

How to Prepare Mama’s Special Tom Brown Porridge


Serving 3 people

  1. 100 g Mama’s Special Tom Brown flour
  2. 2 cups water
  3. Sugar/Honey to taste
  4. Milk for extra protein, vitamins and minerals

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Steps in Preparing Tom Brown Porridge
  1. Place the two cups of water in a clean cooking pot and heat to boil .
  2. Mix Mama’s Special Tom Brown flour in a half cup of cold water to form a paste then add to the boiling water as u stir gently and slowly.
  3. Continue stirring making sure no lamps are formed and a smooth paste is formed into a cooked porridge. (You can add the Sugar/Honey whiles it is cooking or after serving).
  4. Leave to boil for five min then serve. Serve with Milk and Bread(Toast) – optional.

Health Benefits of Mama’s Special Tom Brown Porridge

  1. Highly nutritious and recommended food supplement for weaning babies. It has a
  2. High components of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus for strong bone formation in babies.
  3. Fortified with irons for improved metabolism of the body and nourishment of red blood cells.
  4. High in fiber which helps fast digestion of food, prevents the occurrence of constipation and reduces high cholesterol levels in the body.
  5. Unconfirmed daily intake stabilizes the blood sugar levels in the body and prevents the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.
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