How To Delete Old Facebook Posts


Facebook is always too keen to remind you of the past. Your Facebook history might not reflect who you are now; your beliefs, style of sharing or personal brand has changed and for that reason you might want to delete old Facebook posts.

Sad news is not all posts can be deleted – you can delete some of them. You can delete posts only you have personally written. You can hide posts that you shared on your timeline (articles and other people’s posts).

You can choose to untag yourself from posts that you’ve been tagged in. Mind you, deleting a post removes it from Facebook entirely; untagging or hiding a post means that it won’t show up on your timeline, but can still show up on other news-feeds.

Review Your Facebook Profile

Just go to your Facebook Timeline and click “View as” next to your name. This will enable you to see your profile as it looks like someone not on your friends list.

Facebook Delete Posts
How to Delete Old Facebook Posts

For your desktop, you can go to your Facebook profile and click on the “Manage Posts” tab, which is directly below the box where you can type in a Facebook status. See photo below

How To Delete Old Facebook Posts 1
How to delete posts via desktop.

You’ll have a chronological viewing from the most recent to the oldest of all postings you ever wrote, shared or tagged in.

You can delete these in groups: you can select up to 50 posts to delete, hide, or untag yourself from.

If you want to delete your Facebook posts through the app, it’s a similar setup. Go to your profile on the mobile app, click on the 3 dots besides “Create”. See image below.

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Delete Facebook Post
As shown in the image.

Click on the “Manage “Posts” tab, which should be immediately visibly after the doing the step above.

How To Delete Old Facebook Posts 2

You also have control over which photos you want to keep on your timeline, as well. All you have to do, is go to the photo you want to remove, click on it, click on the “Options” button on the bottom right, and select¬†“Delete This Photo.”¬†You also have the option of deleting albums you created.

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