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How Social Media Platforms Can Boost your Business

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The evolution of Social Media is not without the host of platforms on which information sharing is carried out to boost your business. As a start-up business, it has well been established how you need Social Media as an influence for your business towards growth and profit.

Choosing the right platforms that relates to your business’ growth and profitability objective is one that must be a carefully thought out decision. This should be given a much more considerable thought when it involves marketing(ads) expenditure to generate sales leads.

AFROSAGES brings you a review of these Social Media Platforms and how they can help boost your business dependent on your growth and profit objectives.

Disclaimer: There is no magic formula on any of these platforms, it all requires your content, time, consistent engagement with your following. We take a look into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Let’s start you off with what I call the 3 main parts it takes to get the best off the Facebook platform as a business; most importantly a startup. The site is designed for both business and pleasure depending on how you see your audience. The 3 parts and how to make the most off them are;
1. Plan(Audience Insight and Creative Hub),
2. Create &
3. Manage and Measure & Report.

1a. Audience Insight

This gives you an insight to making a choice between those who are online(everyone on Facebook) and those who are connected to your page. Out of these is where you define your Adset to share your content, to engage and to convert. A quick insight for businesses; there is a 55 -45 women to men ratio on Facebook but about 75% of engagement with content is from men. Therefore be mindful of the content you create to engage your created audio, either images or video. The audience insight makes you create an Adset that captures the location you want to reach, the gender, age gap, their interests and the connection you may have with them.

Bottom Lines

* Customize based on  demographics, interests, behaviours and more to define your audience from the pool online.

* Compare your audience to everyone on Facebook to discover their unique characteristics.

* Explore – Learn about their demographics, interests and behaviours to make a choice. This also incorporated all users on Instagram to facilitate the placement of your ads.

* Save Your Audience and this will be available in for future use.

* Create your Ad based on whether you want your content in a video format or just images.

Most people want value for their spend, it could be that you are looking to make conversion(sales), get traffic to your website amongst many objectives. With a good plan, you are sure set for success on getting your money’s worth.

In the next part of our conversation, I will walk you through how to get creative with your content for maximum reach.

Share with me how better you got with your audience insight by your comments, like and share on this information to help another enable growth and profit.

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