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How Do You Develop Mental Toughness?

Mental Toughness
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You don’t need to be born mentally tough. This is how you can develop mental toughness.

By hugging and embracing your biggest fears.

One by one. From the smallest to the greatest. Until you have overcome your ultimate fear (fear of death), getting you one step closer to enlightenment.

Carl Jung suggested embracing your shadow self so that one can become whole. Because light vs. dark, good vs. evil doesn’t exist. There is no duality.

It’s all a matter of degree. Just like a thermostat, you can either adjust the light to be shiny or to lower it down to where it’s dark and dim. But regardless, it’s all light, for darkness is the absence of light.

When you ignore your dark, your shadow, you’re just a persona.

Not a person. You don’t acknowledge your full capabilities as an individual. Such as your capacity for mayhem and destruction.

The line between truth and falsehood divides the heart of every human being. We cannot live in truth without knowing what is false. That starts by recognizing when we are acting from lies and falsehood, and when we are coming from our own inner truth.

That requires exploring the inner depths of your personality, and go to where you are most afraid to go. For it is there in the darkness that lies the light switch you need to flip back up.

Mental Toughness
Mental Toughness

Go to where you gossip, for that will reveal what you most envy and want. Go to where you complain, for underneath that lies your goal.

We all have something. Fears, traumas. Or else we would already be enlightened.

You can’t ignore the negativity in you. That just makes you harmless, not good.

Your like a defenseless rabbit, who is prone to be exploited. Weak to the core and kicked hard by everyone.

It’s only through exposing light to the dark, can you become strong.

By telling yourself not to be afraid of the dark because darkness is just the absence of light, so shine light.

That also means shining light onto your past. And bring up the most impactful moments of your past. Bring them up and deal with them.

By recognizing who was at fault and who wasn’t. Most of the time it’s you because you were willing to take abuse. But sometimes it’s not, it’s just someone with a pure malicious intent.

Figure out what went wrong, what could have gone right, and what you could have done differently.

And only when you don’t feel pain when remembering your past, can you stop. Because you have now freed from your past.

You have embraced the full event that it no longer causes you any discomfort or grief.

A painful past and a dark half. These two are your biggest weakness. Take care of these and you’ll become stronger. Shine light on the dark, and you’ll feel more at peace.

Sure, you’ll still fall, but you’ll no longer fall to the point of no return. For you will bounce stronger and faster, and become a driving force.

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