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How do I List My Business on Google My Business?

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This is the era of making money on the internet, your business should not be left out when there is Google My Business!

Google My Business provides you with the requisite tools to get your business listed in the ace internet giant’s database, build a website and engage with your customers from your phone, tablet or computer. And it is for Free!!!

What Benefits Do I Get?

Manage: Attract and engage customers by sharing value addition information.

Share you Updates: Get customers by sharing the latest offers and deals you have.

Get a Free Website: Yes, the “url” assigned to you alone is enough to be considered as a website. Still want more, take these easy steps with this link to create a quick website.

afrosages google my business sites
Create a free website in minutes
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Connect: Engage with your customers online, and build loyalty – that is the essence of the reviews.
The reviews from those that have connected with you is proof of how legit your business is and Google is truly paying attention.

Build strong relationships with the people who matter most. Start a conversation with your customers by responding directly to messages and reviews.

Optimise: Understand how your customers are interacting with your business online.

Where and How did they find you? Where are they located and Where are the source of referrals to your listing coming from?
Google My Business puts all these answers in on place for you to comprehend.

Say Hello to your Next Customer with Google My Business
How Do I Sign up for Google My Business?

Go to Google My Business and log in with your Gmail Account to Start the Process of Listing your Business or you can download the My Business App with iOS App Store or the Google Play Store to get started as I Walk you through the process below in the subsequent steps.

Step 1. Enter your business name, I will advice you state the name your Business is duly registered with.

afrosages google my business fhfgk1

Step 2. Enter the location your business is located at.

afrosages google my business 354

Step 3. Drag and zoom the map and position the marker on the exact spot where your business is located. This really helps when a user runs a search for a particular product or services in those localities your business is located.

afrosages google my business 46485

Step 4. Choose Category: This helps customers find you if they are looking for a business like yours. Next step is optional – to add contact details, which will help customers contact you by providing this info in your listing.

afrosages google my business rhj67

Step 4. Verify Your Business: Google will verify that your business is located where you say that it is. You will have to wait for 12-15 days for a postcard with a verification code.

Alternatively you can choose the video call option which verifies your location via a call, but be sure to be at your location or in the business’ delivery van if you happen to be in transit on business errands.

afrosages google my business they

Step 5. Customize your listing by adding Cover Photos as well as a Display Photos, a Logo.

Update your opening hours as well as localities that your sell your business to. These updates will appear on Google once you’ve been verified.

And Finally???

You will be surprised how your details you have uploaded is populated into a nice layout as if a professional web signer built it for your business.

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Image details below!

google my business website

Check out the amazing Menu items;

afrosages google my business
afrosages google my business 1
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afrosages google my business 77
afrosages google my business 66

I trust this can help you set up your business but if you have queries, leave a comment and we will be happy to assist you.

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