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How Do I Grow My Facebook Business Page Organically?

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I am into the food service business and started my Facebook Business Page in October 2016 as my attempt to cash into the social media side of things.

And get more attention to my business since a friend told me that I would get more customers online. Over the years, I have been posting pictures and videos of the yet to be delivered orders I received from my regular clients.

It has being over 2 years and I am yet to attract 200 likes even though I have over 5K friends on my personal profile. Each time I post similar things I shared on my personal profile onto my business page, I get less than 5 likes and not a single comment. Whiles the same post on my personal page attracts scores of comments, likes and even a few orders.

I see similar businesses get loads of likes, comments and orders whiles I cannot even get my page likes up over the years. Is there something I am getting wrong that is not getting me the right page likes? Should I close down the page? I feel so frustrated to come back after each post and sometimes not even a single like.


Dear Afi,

Don’t feel frustrated. You are not alone! You are definitely not the only one suffering from the lack of likes, comments and no orders. But rest assured, a sum of the right things will get you to the right likes and the right amounts for increased sales revenue and profits.

We recommend you take a look at the below points and implement them to get you the much needed results.

Understand The Audience you have and your Target!

The foremost service you can do to yourself and your page is to know what type of audience you have? What type of audience you wish to attract to your brand or business? Answering these basic questions is the start of a magical journey for which to satisfy those who already like your page and those who are yet to engage with your page.

The viral multiplication effects of your post depends on acceptability of your posts by your audience. If you provide them with the content they were attracted to you, they would surely go on to share the good news to attract others in the same target reach you are yearning for.

Understand the audience you currently have and their needs in order to curate content they love and they would in turn spread your moment to attract likes in your target audience.

Invite your friends and close acquaintance to Like your Facebook Page

The best easiest people to sell your solutions to are your friends; they might be the ones who go on to propagate your gospel in your absence. One of the easiest ways to increase the number of Facebook page likes is to invite your friends who are already on your timeline. They get to read your posts and you also get to read theirs.

invite friends on facebook

Trust has already been built and people are most certainly comfortable to accept invites to like a page owing to the fact that they know who the invite is coming from.
Invites to business partners or existing employees or clients you have worked with in the past is a sure easy way to increase your following and likes.

Invites from this category of people are the ones that always share and like your contents each time you put it out. They are the ones that are the real customers that would always provide you good value. Be sure not to compromise on the quality of content that made them trust and fall in love with your page. Consistency is key.

Understand the Insights

Understanding your insights key in knowing what works at what time and what is surely going to be a flop from the get go. Great, quality content attracts engagements most importantly shares that could render your content viral.

Go to the insights of your Facebook page to understand what types of post are getting your Talking About numbers up. Either on mobile or desktop, study the reach and engagements for the posts to know which ones to improve upon and which ones to avoid.

facebook insights

Unlock the power of the insights and you will know which posts attracts likes and shares.

Content, Content, Content!

The one must important thing that gives you organic growth is the content, not just that, the right timing of the content as well as what type of content you put out. Know the type of content format your audience responds to.

It is therefore advisable to try everything and anything in the early days as you have gained a up to 50 likes. Spend some money on sponsored posts, promoting your stuffs to a general audience and later study the insights to know which interests respond to which types of contents.

afrosages facebook page

Also, experiment on by initially posting all times all day for a period to know which times are the best times these interest respond to which types of content. This would refine you task to know how many times times to post and when to post them.


Know yourself, know your audience!
Have a plan after studying the insights and trends.
Vary your contents [Post Images. Create Videos, GO LIVE! Share Great Links and Content from others.]

Go natural, put a personal touch to what you put, that is the soul in the posts and don’t force the growth! How fast you grow is the reflection of the sum of all the right things you are doing.


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