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How Can One Make Money Starting A Blog?

How Can One Make Money Starting A Blog

I get this question in my inbox every single day. “How can one make money starting a blog”? For the people out there that fall for much of the click-bait in answers to questions like this, all I have to say is SORRY.

Yes, Sorry.

Why? Because you’ve been mislead and misinformed.

You’ve been guided by misfits and sleuths that are working tirelessly to make you believe one thing, when it’s furthest from the truth. Will it be easy? Yes, if you follow the steps I’m coming to show you.

How long will it take?

Longer than you think if you don’t know what you’re doing… that’s why I recommend that. Because without the right information you will be just lost.

And unless you have an enormous following on social media or you’ve already built up an email list of tens of thousands of subscribers, you can forget about any short-term goals for making any semblance of money from a blog.

The truth?

You need to put in long and seemingly endless hours before your work produces any amount of income. Let me explain. But first…

You’re likely thinking, who am I to say any of this?

Well, I should know…

I have literally made millions of dollars by blogging.

Yes, millions with an “M”.

But it wasn’t the blogs itself that produced those millions of dollars in revenue…

How Can One Make Money Starting A Blog
How Can One Make Money Starting A Blog

It was the ancillary digital products and courses that I created that did it. And they were sold through very carefully crafted sales funnels that employed tactics like scarcity and urgency while also building up a relationship with the consumer through a warming email sequence.

You see, the world’s most astute bloggers aren’t just bloggers… They’re internet marketers.

No, not the slimy kind you might be thinking of. I’m talking about people who understand things like trip wires and self-liquidating offers, SEO and SEM, able to drive both organic traffic and paid traffic, with an uncanny superpower to create mind-boggling conversion rates.

At the end of the day, if you know how to build a converting offer, that’s your ticket right there. Blogs and every other medium are simply conduits to getting people to your offers.

And the bigger the blog, the more chance you’ll have to drive people there.

So, for the question “How can one make money starting a blog?” I would provide the following action items list:

1. Before you start your blog, plan your digital products (you can either sell your own or sell products as an affiliate, but if you really want to make money blogging, you should do the former over the latter).

2. As you create content for your blog, build out your digital products. Your entire goal and intention should be to create content that supports whatever you’re selling so that you can grab organic traffic that’s relevant to your sales platform.

How Can One Make Money Starting A Blog
How Can One Make Money Starting A Blog

3. Focus on building your list early on. That means you need a free offer ASAP. Do not wait until later to do this. You’ve heard that the money is in the list and there are no truer words. This is called a lead magnet and you absolutely need one. This lead magnet should also support whatever product or service line you’re offering.

4. Create an email warming sequence that you can use to build a relationship with your subscriber and to add value to their lives. Your goal when you’re starting and running a blog is to add as much value as possible. Even before a customer ever spends a dollar with you. That’s how you build rapport and authority. Without it you have nothing.

5. Build a proper sales funnel that you can drive traffic into and sell your digital products. Keep in mind that now one is going to buy from you on the first interaction unless you’re an Amazon or an Apple, companies that have built trust over the years and decades. You don’t have that same trust. So you need a sales funnel.

6. Consider creating a self-liquidating offer in your sales funnel for a positive ROI on your ad spends. You see, blogging isn’t just about organic SEO traffic, it’s also about paid traffic. Your goal? Create content that supports your products. Then drive traffic to that content so that people will consume it and eventually buy whatever you’re peddling. Remember, people will more likely view a blog post from an ad rather than click through to buy some product.

How Can One Make Money Starting A Blog
How Can One Make Money Starting A Blog

7. Re-target using FB and Google pixels early on. This builds an audience so that you can re-market to them. Remember, frequency will increase the likelihood that people will buy from you. If you’ve ever visited a website, then the ads followed you around everywhere after you left, that’s how the smartest marketers in the world operate. They use pixels for re-targeting. Do this early on even if you don’t intend to run ads for a while because it will establish an audience you can market to.

Credit: Laura Hidalgo

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