Hey WhatsApp……I’m Loving It!!!

I just love the fun things that WhatsApp does…you know; WhatsApp gives me that feeling I get when my food is coming out of the restaurant kitchen……hmmmm. Just this week we witnessed the newest and coolest feature of the mammoth messaging app. The ability to @mention a specific person on a group.

WhatsApp Fun Groups

Now I know a lot of us are in WhatsApp groups-fun workplace groups, annoying high school groups, quiet church groups and a ton of other “inappropriate groups”, – yeah, we totally didn’t ask to be added-we get it.

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But then again in as much as you want to ignore the 398 messages your high school WhatsApp page, you still have to at least skim through it just in case message number 254 is important and is actually directed at YOU. So you have to read about Paul’s hangover on a Wednesday morning, President Mugabe’s alleged latest quote, a tasteless Akpos Joke, Randa’s soliciting for clients for her fake Brazilian hair, George’s ex-girlfriends’ nude photos…then finally your message! Then it reads “hi Johan, how are you doing?” from +023457869…really? After all the hard work?! Who the heck is +023457869 anyway?

So thankfully Mark Zuckerberg is also on some annoying WhatsApp platforms where his buddies from Harvard keep posting pictures of themselves being wasted and totally enjoying what is left of their pitiful lives whiles He (Mark) just wants to be left alone to run his virtual world.

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So he got his techie together and now we can use the @ sign to direct messages at specific people. Cool right? And they don’t even have to be stored on your contact list. Just hit the @ sign and see a menu of all the numbers of the people on your group. You get a notification for that specific message even if you have muted all messages on that platform for a few light years. And Oh once someone references a specific message you typed, you get a notification too.

You know how to reference right? No, where have you been?!

Long press on the specific message you will like to comment on, after it is highlighted you will see a return arrow on top of the open screen. Hit that button and press whatever you like. Well unless you are using a Blackberry Z10 and by the way who still uses that? Then you will live a sad sad life.

So have fun!

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Maame Bonsrah

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