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Hepatitis B Virus – Deadlier Than HIV

Hepatitis B Virus
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HIV & Hepatitis B Virus are brothers (deadly viruses). HIV is the most talked-about sibling and generally, most people think HIV is deadlier. Most people are wrong. Hepatitis B Virus, which happens to be the least talked about sibling is MORE DEADLY.

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HIV and HBV can be transmitted mostly same way; Through unprotected sex, sharing of sharp objects (we can’t tell which is contaminated or Nah, so just avoid am). There is a higher chance of a child getting HBV at birth compared to the chances of getting HIV at birth.

HBV cannot be gotten from saliva, meaning you can still kiss *wink* or share a bottle of drink with the same person. HBV is a deadly virus that affects the liver and then causes Acute or Chronic diseases. HBV can progress to liver cirrhosis or cancer of the Liver. Bastard!

Hepatitis B Virus
Liver with Hepatitis B infection highlighted inside the human body and close-up view of Hepatitis B Viruses, medical concept, 3D illustration (Credit:

There isn’t any cure, just like it’s sibling HIV, albeit, there are a series of treatments that only go as far as slowing down its progression.

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Fun fact: Unlike HIV, HBV can be prevented through taking vaccine shots. Deadlier than HIV, but can be highly prevented.


Book that appointment with AcreCity Medics, get your HBV vaccine shots at GHC 50.00 each for 3 shots, and while you’re at it, it has a sibling HEPATITIS A VIRUS that also has its vaccine.

My advice, get both HBV and HAV vaccine shots!!!

E no Dey show for face oh!!!

Your health is your wealth and the world needs you alive. Go get those vaccine shots now.

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