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Google My Business – The Best Way to Get Attention for your Business

Getting attention for your business is the most vital to keep a healthy and fat bottom line, that is the potential of having a Google My Business. Note that something that can help your business get widespread attention is getting reviews from clients that you have worked with giving you a word of mouth appraisal. Alternatives are Yelp and Trip Advisor, but for this piece, let us stay focused on Google My Business.

Google My Business
Google My Business. Credit: Google

Maintaining an active presence on these sites lets Google know that your business is participating as a member of an established community. Therefore, when you set up your Google My Business listing, it’s a good idea to set up listings on these third-party sites.

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Make your listings effective. List the same information, consistently in every directory. This helps keep confusion down and everyone going the appropriate place.

Incoming Links

One of the factors Google uses to rank your My Business page is links. Links play a huge part in Google’s organic search algorithm and when your site has earned a healthy amount of incoming links from other sites, Google is likely to give it a boost in local search engine report pages (SERPs.)

Business Name

Your business name plays a key role in Google’s local algorithm. To help your business feature prominently, ensure that your business name features relevant keywords. This can help ensure that your company appears on relevant search queries.

Building Your Google My Business Presence

Once you’ve built and optimized your listing, it’s time to establish your ‘Google My Business’ presence. This means you should write and post relevant content on your company blog and get reviews from customers.

When someone leaves a review on your page, be sure you read and reply to each one in order to promote engagement and maintain an active web presence.

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Post, Post And Post Some More

Think of GMB Posts the same way you do Facebook posts. Talk about what makes your business unique (pricing, customer service, product quality) and give readers a reason to either contact you or visit your store.

Where Do Google My Business Posts Appear?

According to Google, posts may also appear on Maps, Search, and the Overview tab for listings based on various signals.

What Can Posts Contain on GMB?

Posts can contain text, photos, and videos.

Categories of GMB Posts

Right now, there are four (4) posting categories:

New Posts: These are posts containing general info you want to provide to the public.

Event Posts: If you’re planning on being involved in an event in some fashion then you can use this post to promote that. These types of posts require: Title and Start/End Dates/Times but you can also add a photo/video to posts like this, CTAs, and other information.

Offer Posts: If you’re offering a promo, deal, or sale you can use this type of post to let people know.

Product Posts: You can use these to highlight a specific product. For example, a clothing store may highlight a particular line of shoes they carry.


There is no better way to get free attention to your business that is hosted by the internet giants of search. Sign up for Google my Business today and join the host of businesses seen and patronised. We want you to grow and profit from your venture, so if you need any help setting up, just reach out to us via the chat box on this page.

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