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God demands an Excellent Worship

Excellent Worship | afrosages
Excellent Worship | afrosages
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In a year of excellence, one of the most important forms of excellence we all need to seek is to be able to offer God excellent worship; for God demands an Excellent Worship.

Since the inception of worship, our God has demanded nothing but excellent worship. Worship without blemish is what God wants. No matter who we are, or how we perceive or our beliefs are, everyone has a “worship”, it is what defines everything about us.

excellent worship
Excellent Worship
The Lord demands an excellent worship 

When a teacher gives a student excellent for an assignment, the implication is that the student has been able to produce something that fits accurately into what the teacher was expecting. This implies that while others students only do their best to get good or very good, excellent students most often go beyond their own strength and stretch to produce something which is above the level of the others in the class.

Excellence worship means worship that fits exactly into what the Lord is asking for. Excellent worship therefore is one which is produced out of a stretched faith or life. Excellent worship therefore is one which is based on the usual or the commonly known approach but one which is drawn from a deeper location within spirit of a man. 

Examples of an Excellent Worship that God Demands

1. The sacrifice of Abel was excellent 

In the process of time the first two sons of Adam and Eve as per traditions or instructions (because there was no physical laws) came to offer the Lord a sacrifice but the Lord had respect for the sacrifice of Abel and refused that of Cain (Gen 4:2-3) because Abel offered an excellent sacrifice (Heb 11:4). This tells us that confirms what the prophet Samuel said that to obey is better than sacrifice (1Sam 15:22). God’s emphasis in on not the sacrifice as it has been portrayed today but on how the sacrifice or worship is offered.  

excellent worship

2. The Offering of the Widow 

Another classical case of the Lord recognizing excellent worship was the offering in the temple where Jesus sat near the bowl and looked at how much each person was offering. The story records that just as in the case of Abel the Lord had respect for the little offering of the widow instead of the large notes of the others (Luke 21:1-4/Mark 12:41-44). Mark clearly reported that Jesus was considering what the worshipers were bringing and comparing it with what they could have brought to the Lord. 

Are you familiar with the phrase there is more room for improvement?

The destruction of the items sold in church (Matt 21:12-13)

Jesus went into the temple of God and angrily destroyed all that were sold there because the people had turned the temple into a different place instead of a place of worship. Jesus recognized the fact that the laws of God required the people to bring along certain sacrifices such as doves etc as part of their worship but it was wrong for them to use this as an excuse to now focus on the trade of these items instead of their use. Jesus also wanted to let them understand that the Lord was not pleased with their worship or behavior in the temple. 

One of the most profound statements in the bible is in Hebrews 11:6

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

The implication of this statement in the Bible is that God does not just reward worshippers but He recognizes diligent or the “extra mile worshipper”. 

David had a similar view when he stated in Psalms 107 during his exhortation on thanksgiving and appreciation of the Lord’s goodness used a scenario of location. David began with those who wandered in the desert etc and ended with those who went into the deep sea (Psalms 107: 23-24).

According to David the goodness of God is not seen in the shallow places but the deeper waters, an implication that it is not all men who will see the wonders of the Lord.

God demands an excellent worship
Haven’t we heard many people complaining about following God and seeing nothing? But the question is how deep did they go with God? 
  1. Some of us have walked on the fences of the Lord’s border for all these years and yet call ourselves citizens of God’s kingdom. 
  2. We do what we like and still call ourselves followers of God
  3. After several decades of coming to Him, some of us are yet to commit our all to him. (Jesus said go and sell all that you have and come and follow me)
  4. There are others who are also trying but what they are doing is committing only a portion instead of their best to the Lord

Anthem for the year from a song to reflect on;
A charge to keep I haveCharles Wesley

God Demands an Excellent Worship

God does not accept anything present unless it fits into exactly what He wants. Worship is not what you give to God but what He demands from you. 

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