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Fruit Kenkey; The Modern “Mashke” with Swag!

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Tried the New and Trendy Mashke recipe? Mashed kenkey with a topping of groundnut and all the “swag” garnishing? No, then say Hello to Fruit Kenkey.

Have you ever tasted Mashed Kenkey?

Do you even know what “Masked Kenkey” is? For me, this was a common and easy solution to hunger during my high school boarding house days where I would sometimes be fortunate to spice it with groundnut in the absence of milk.

Outside the tents of a corporate event, I caught the glimpse of a well-packed version, so presentable that I did not mind the cost of a cup but just to grab me one and dig in.

AFROSAGES Emerging Business takes you on an appetite wetting tour of the what we consider a Super Brand; FRUIT KENKEY. Proudly Made in Ghana with love and passion by The Nfante D)konu Girl.

Meet The Nfante D)Kono Girl – Mashed Kenkey on Fleek!

In a pinned tweet from her twitter handle @fruitkenkey, this industrious and entrepreneurial lady introduces herself as Ama, urging the Social Media community to retweet as her rebranding of your usual recipe might be loved by someone on your timeline.

Hello, my name is Ama and I make kenkey look this way and too know. This is my hustle ??. Kindly retweet, it will excite someone in your following??— The Nfante D)kono Girl? (@fruitkenkey) March 18, 2019

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@fruitkenkey on Twitter
Preparation and Packaging of Fruit Kenkey

She sure didn’t share her secret ingredients with AFROSAGES but rest assured Fruit Kenkey is prepared under strict hygienic conditions.
Ama; a “healthy-eating habit” evangelist ensures your “mashke” is fully dosed with a variety of fruits, nuts, and appetizing add-ons to meet your daily nutrients and vitamin requirements. So even if you are on “diet”, grabbing a cup of Fruit Kenkey won’t throw you off your dietary plan. The packaging is top notch and uniquely branded as a Super Brand would.

The base ingredient is without a doubt in her nickname; The Nfante D)kono Girl(Fante Kenkey).
With a literal Ph.D. in Maske(Mashed Kenkey), the texture is smooth just as the taste.

Want to grab a cup?

Fruit Kenkey is on a made to order basis but you could be privileged to catch their stand at the next social or corporate event you attend.

Fruit Kenkey Stand

Check out the Menu Below, Click or Tap Here to Place your order Now! Delivery assured.

Let’s Get Social

Follow her Twitter Page @fruitkenkey
Call on 0556959115
WhatsApp Text on 0266817170


Remember to Share this, a Mashke lover needs to have a taste of Fruit Kenkey. Already had yours? Tell us your experience in the comment box below.

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