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Focus On Acquiring Knowledge, Skills and Expertise

Focus On Acquiring Knowledge

A lot of us want to skip the acquiring knowledge and putting in the work part to the getting rich part. When that does happen, if it does. What you have is a beautiful structure with no foundation. It is fickle. It’ll be washed away when the storms inevitably come. Focus on acquiring knowledge, skills and expertise.

Focus On Acquiring Knowledge

Life comes in stages and one of those stages is your youth. When you have the energy and little responsibilities. It is the time to learn, to know. When you gather wealth that’s built on expertise. You have a beautiful house and a beautiful foundation. When the storms come, you simply iterate what you already did. You only have to reapply yourself. You only have to build on your expertise. Wealth that’s built on knowledge never falls off completely. It’ll never vamoose like a bubble. An epidemic might befall it, but it’ll always be regained.

Focus On Acquiring Knowledge
Focus On Acquiring Knowledge

This is why hard work and acquiring knowledge is important in the process of building wealth. You need skills and expertise that take hard work and time to build.

If today you put everyone together in the same playing field. If you were to take away the wealth of all millionaires and you redistribute them amongst everyone else. You’ll find out that in 5 years, most of the millionaires will be rich again and most of the poor people will become poor again. I say most because not all millionaires have a foundation and not all poor people lack knowledge and skills. The differentials between the two groups will still fall back into the general context of this discussion.

Most millionaires built their wealth on a particular skill set that if you did take their money away, you can never take those skills away from them. They’ll just reapply those kills and find themselves millionaires again. This is why it is not a good idea to skip that stage.

Focus On Acquiring Knowledge
Focus On Acquiring Knowledge

Calm down and learn. Then apply yourself to supply your wealth. I hope I’m talking to someone this evening.

Don’t let the illusion of a perfect life created by certain people on social media sway you. We are all struggling with something. We just post the best part of our lives here. Measuring yourself off that illusion will only lead to discontent and resentment.

Don’t get fooled by it. Focus on acquiring knowledge, skills and expertise. The world will always need such people and what the world needs, the world pays for. Shalom.

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