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Facebook Container; Mozilla’s Approach Towards Privacy

Did you know Facebook can track almost all your web activity and tie it to your Facebook identity? Heard of

Ever worried about Facebook tracking your web activities outside its platform? Now you can prevent that by using Firefox‘s Facebook Container extension tool.

Basically, what it does is prevent the social network from seeing what you’re doing online beyond Facebook itself.

Facebook can monitor you when you visit other websites, like Google and many other businesses.

It implies that Facebook can get more than just private information that it can use to target your profile-based advertisements.

It’s safe to say that with the latest revelations about Cambridge Analytica, Facebook’s treatment of the private information of its customers is front and center.

Expert Opinion On Facebook Containers –

“Containers are a feature built into the Firefox platform that separates user cookies and site data into different cookie jars,” explains Jeff Griffiths, Product Lead for Firefox.

“Specifically, this means that a user should only be able to log in in the Facebook Container. Facebook cookies and site data that identify the user are only available to that Container, and only Facebook can be open in that Container,” he says.

It’s a great option for people who still want to use Facebook to keep in touch with their friends and loved ones, but also want to maintain some control over their data.

Conclusion –

There are alternatives to Mozilla’s extension tool; like Block Tracking, Phish.AI, Extension Police, Exodify, Snoopie, Block Facebook and Facebook Clear History.

Taking your privacy seriously? But what does this mean for businesses who run ads and based on available data by Facebook, ads delivered to users off the platform to get leads and conversions.

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