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Entrepreneurs and Things They Do Not Tell You

Entrepreneurs and things they don't tell you.
Entrepreneurs and things they don't tell you.

In the world today, we have got a lot of young people wanting to be entrepreneurs, which is a good thing. Owning a business venture is fun, very fun and exciting, but it comes with so much that not a lot of entrepreneurs talk about, but for me, I will.

Every aspiring entrepreneur should be made aware of the fact that the entrepreneurial environment is chaotic. And it demands that he/she learns to be comfortable to perform in chaos.

Now let me break it down for you …

A report I read from Forbes magazine suggests that more than six hundred thousand (600,000) young people enter into entrepreneurship every month. Ninety-Eight percent (98%) of them fail or leave within their first three months.

98% of entrepreneurship fail

The interesting aspect of this is that, because of the risk, insecurities, and pressures within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the rest (2%) who keep on with their ventures are more maliable to psychosocial issues.

For instance, studies have shown that entrepreneurs are twice more likely to suffer from depression. Six times more likely to suffer from Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
Three times more likely to suffer from substance abuse.
Ten times more likely to suffer from bipolar disorder.
Two times more likely to have psychiatric hospitalization.
And finally, two times more likely to have suicidal thoughts.

I am in no way scaring you from becoming an entrepreneur. I am just emphasizing on the fact that, you need to be comfortable with chaos. Just as most job seekers are told to be comfortable working in a pressure driven work environment. The fact is, the chaos within the entrepreneurial ecosystem is beyond what job seekers are told. It is 10 times more than that.

After a meeting some days ago with one of the directors of the defunct banks in Ghana, I realized that there is a kinda “Dark Side” of our journey as entrepreneurs. That journey is indeed not for the faint hearted. The meeting rendered me with mixed feelings, though I was happy to have met him, I was sad and worried about his psychological state.

The Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship

He admitted to the fact that he relies on alcohol and cigarettes to cope the pressures and insecurity in the system. He isn’t the only one affected by the pressures, his wife has attempted suicide three times this year alone, and is being closely monitored.

You see, he didn’t quit, but his way of surviving the chaotic environment is deadly. I know there are many more entrepreneurs who are having deadly surviving strategies.

As a young entrepreneur, one would ask, How do you cope? Me?

For me, my way of coping is having therapeutic moments with The Holy Spirit! Yes, you heard me right. I speak in tongues often, and spend time talking to God. As the Bible says in John 14:16-31, Christians are given the Spirit of truth who comforts us in challenging times.

I recommend that you have personal times with the creator to talk about your business through prayers.

In sum, before you start a business, you should be aware of these facts.
Credit: Richard Owusu Sekyere

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