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eCommerce Tips for Small Businesses

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AFROSAGES as a firm has expectations for every brand/business to grow and stay profitable in the coming years with these “eCommerce Tips for Small Businesses” but for the online entrepreneurs who struggled this year, accept our emphathies! Let us keep the energy 100% and push for excellence by practicing these…

This year might have been a rough one but you need to understand that every year, the eCommerce space changes significantly because people’s purchase behaviour evolves. Too many people on social media have had terrible experiences with several vendors and it’s important that you set yourself apart.

What eCommerce Tips to practice
  • Study the fictitious pages, and do the opposite.
  • Secondly, ask yourself, would you buy from you?
  • What you’re selling, can your customers find it in a store nearby? What makes yours so spectacular?
  • Customers need to be goaded and baited. They won’t just give it up and the time for lazy marketing and sales expired in 2017.
What to do? Best eCommerce Tips for Small Businesses Online
  • What makes your shoes different from the one sold 500 meters away from your potential customer?
  • What’s your online persona?
  • Can you be trusted?
  • What sets you apart from the pool of vendors out there who sell to people what’s different from the picture?

Selling online has become an art. You have to woo your customers. You have to place yourself in a position where you can retain a viewer’s attention. The attention span has reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds. eCommmerce is now beyond slapping a few pictures on IG, hoping to sell!

  • You have to have a congruent page.
  • You need to lure your customers and RETAIN them in your funnel.
  • You need to appear as a proper brand that can be trusted. A
  • sk yourself, if you were a customer, would you buy from yourself? Keep your IG page very clean.
  • Don’t cluster it with pictures from various sources.
  • Have a color scheme.
  • Have a theme.
  • Learn how to use photo editor apps to edit your pictures to match your color scheme.
  • Understand where your target audience is and test new marketplaces.
  • No offense, but you’re likely to make more sales on Instagram than twitter.
  • Take your business to Instagram, that’s where the money is.
  • Spend more time building your IG presence. Twitter is for clout!
  • When you’re on IG, distinguish yourself by putting a face to your brand. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your face.
  • People love fine girls. Find a fine girl (or fine boy, depending on your product) and have them make videos with a few of your products.
  • You can pay just a token for some girls to make videos for you. If you have fine friends, great! Get them to make videos with your products.
  • Post and push with IG promoted post (more details if I have a chance).

Basically, the better the face is, the more customers you have.

Make videos of your products. These are the advantages:

  1. People know you’re not a scamming vendor.
  2. People see what the product feels like for them.
  3. IG/FB algorithm favors video contents more.
  4. People are more comfortable when they can put a face to a business.

Finally, you don’t have to sell shoes and bags like everyone else. Find a different niche!

There are so many passionate groups, find them and use your leverage.

  • There are feminists—rape, women empowerment, girl child products will appeal to them.
  • There are religious folks—think of a problem religious people have, find a solution to it and you’re on your way!
  • There are LGBTQ —you can come up with a lot to sell to them.
  • Parents. Churchgoers. Pastors.

For example, Ghanaians are usually tired but guess what they don’t miss? Their religious activities. Find a Bible/Quran that can read itself.

eCommerce now requires a lot of work. Gone are the days when you’ll just slap pictures on a page and make sales.

Going into the next year, you have to and be prepared to do more.

Point is, differentiate yourself from the crowd. Think outside the box and do something different.

Please note: this post is for the 100% folks! Be advised and follow the best eCommerce tips for your small businesses’ profitability and growth.

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