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I arrived at the National theater about 7:15 PM Saturday night with so many expectations of what this new “Ebo Whyte”‘ Play ”I Want Your Wife” could be all about. I wondered whether it was about a cheating husband or wife as some usual stories have always been or just maybe it’s about a mischevious politically informed play.

ebo whyte cast

Well, let me narrate my entire experience for you and my hope is that you would be convinced enough to check out this weekend’s play as well as subsequent ones. For this review, my focus is on the happenings about the play ” I Want your Wife”.

The Parking Arena

The concern of many participants at such events has always been vehicle parking spaces. The show organizers had been in this business for over a decade. They have obviously progressed and made use of all the parking spaces available around the Ghana National Theatre. There are attendants which included police personnel at the car parks to ensure the cars were orderly parked, and are also secured till the end of the show.

ebo whyte tickets

We always talk about how Ghanaians are enthused about last minute decisions. In this case, some people were still buying tickets at the gates. The event organizers made room for that but it was orderly done with no chaos that surrounded events of this nature. I observed that, most attendees had pre-ordered their tickets.


The show started exactly at 8 PM prompt! And ended at 10 PM promptly. No delays! It appears this was a norm for Ebo Whyte shows as lovers of his show arrived promptly and found a sitting space of their choice. There was no scrambling for sitting places perhaps because the smiling and welcoming guides assisted those who weren’t sure of where they had wanted to sit.

Abiding Guests
ebow whyte guests

Due to the nature of these shows, video and picture taking wasn’t allowed during the entire session. It was clearly projected on both sides of the auditorium. There were still some people who wouldn’t adhere but the guides prompted them each time.

Cast, Sound and Stage Craft of Ebo Whyte
ebo whyte cast on stage

The cast was multi-talented and in tune with current happenings in the country. Singers? Dancers? Comedians? The instrumentalists did excellent as there was a blend of music to the art. The stage was well designed and the changeover of setup was done timely.

Birthday wishes

During breaks, the Roverman Production Team projected pictures and messages for birthday celebrants. Some others were good wishes to loved ones. It is a good add-on! And it was clear how Ebo Whyte appeals to both the baby-boomers and millennials/Gen Z.

Moral Lessons

Ghana has a higher percentage of Christians as compared to Muslims and generally, Ghana has been described by many as a religious country with these religious leaders exploitin many of its people with a myriad of prophecies. This Play seems to draw our attention to confusion in the house of God. God listens to our private or silent prayers and we ought to keep that in mind.

My personal pick from the theatre was the resilience of a loving couple that need not be taken away by anyone! Not even a father or mother, because the Holy Scriptures made it know that a young man shall leave his father and mother to become one with his wife.

ebow whyte plays audience

Another lesson has to do with the manipulation by the rich in the house of God. Everyone deserves respect and good treatment in the house of God. However,it appeared the pastor and the prophetess were doing the bidding of the rich man. Lastly, we need to have a voice, Abena’s husband (Ben) kept mute and had nothing to say to the prophesy even when persistently the wife pressed on that he spoke.

This play- I Want your Wife; a re-enactment of a true life story reported in the Ghanaian Times Newspaper in the 1960s. In the report, a man married another man’s wife in the name of prophecy.

Stage plays by Uncle Ebow Whyte’s Roverman Production is a must watch for everyone.

The next Show is on the 13th and 14th of July 2019, there are several other shows lined up for this year and the years to come so grab your tickets now and go have fun and learn.


Ever watched an Ebo Whyte‘s show? Write your review in the comments section below to inspire another person to share in your experience.

Written by Kwaku Kofigah

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