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Don’t Break People’s Trust

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A few years ago, I knew a girl.

She was paranoid constantly, worrying about whether or not her boyfriend of a few months was out with another girl or thinking about someone else.

I knew both of them, and I knew that he had not given her motives to be jealous or to not have trust in him, but some people don’t need external reasons to trigger their inner fears.

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And so to test him, she created a fake social media page.

She put up a picture of a beautiful girl, though not too beautiful as that would be obviously fake, and she bought followers so the page seemed legit.

Her trap was set.

She began by following her boyfriend and then once he followed her back, she sent an innocent, but suggestive message.

The boyfriend responded, but he was nothing more than polite, and he showed no signs of wanting to take their fake relationship further.

The girl felt relief and though she was ashamed by the drastic measures she went to, she was sure she had done the right thing.

Unfortunately, that relief lasted for only a few weeks, and then the paranoia kicked in again.

And so the truth is that nobody can help you through your own insecurities if you run around them. Nobody’s love will be enough for you if you have convinced yourself that you are not worthy of it.

And despite all that, no one can know for sure the lengths you will go to test if your partner is loyal.

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But try to be honest. And if someone hasn’t given you a reason not to trust them, don’t break their trust by questioning theirs.

What she did was dishonest and invasive.

And when people talk about role play, I highly doubt that this is what they mean.

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