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Do You Want To Be A Good Person or Do You Want To Win?

Good Person
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As a good person, you die with a good heart, but if you win; you get to write the history and you can write it to favour you.

A lot of evils that have been perpetrated in this world were committed by the people who fought dirty and won. But today, those people are honoured. They have memorabilia in their names. They control everything, they set the tone for the rest.

The losers are painted in the worst possible light. Those people had people who they love too, they had families, friends, a country; which they loved and acted in its honour, so did the winner. But because the winner gets to be the one to recount the story, they whitewash their own sins and call the other people terrible.

The winner is most likely the one without a good heart, because if they had a good heart, they would not have the capacity to engage in the level of evilness that’s necessary for winning.

Good Person
Good Person or Win?

So here’s the conundrum..

Good heart or win? You can’t have both. Historically speaking at least. The greatest horrors in this world have been carried out by those who won. The profit from those horrors from slavery to wars helps them build a greater society than everyone else.

With this advantage, they get to set the tone for the rest and most importantly; they get to write history. History is always favourable to the winner, not the loser. A few losers here and there but that’s because the winner allows it. To make the story believable, they have to have to keep a somewhat balanced view.

The good guys almost never win, they are never here to tell their own parts in the story. The winner takes that honour.

So, i ask again. Good or win? I don’t know the answer to this, i was raised as a loser because my ancestors lost. We were colonized and the winners ensured they left with us a tool to control our minds even in their absence, that tool tells us to be the good guys. Because they know, the good guys never win, we were born losers, raised losers and die losers, but good guys.

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