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Do You Have Both Parents Alive? Be Grateful!

Do you have both parents alive
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Do you have both parents alive? Be grateful! The last time I received a call from my dad was in 2009. Ten years ago. I never knew the value of those calls- even though it wasn’t all the time- until he died later that year. Some of you still have fathers but all you do is fight them and behave like ungrateful stupid truants.

Funny how the insanity of the Woke Crew has made it okay for many people to think that it is acceptable for them to disobey their parents and especially disregard their fathers. Many of you will never understand your shameful stupidity until you grow older and the man is long gone.

Do you have both parents alive
Do you have both parents alive? Be Grateful!

“Oh my dad is a terrible person”

But you are not a perfect child either. And many people that know you see you as a twat and a silly brat as well.

If your best friends still give you a chance in their life despite your weaknesses, how much more the person who gave birth to you?

Does that mean there are no terrible dads? Of course there are. Just as there are terrible mothers and even more terrible children. At the end of the day, If you feel your dad has irreparably damaged you, seek psychological therapy. If you feel it’s not that bad, speak to him.

Do you have both parents alive? Be Grateful!
Do you have both parents alive? Be Grateful!

No matter how terrible a person is- as long as we feel some connection/ties to them- the moment they are dead/gone, we suddenly realise the fickleness of all the fights and disagreements we had with them.

If your dad is alive, celebrate him. And if you have issues, resolve it.

“Oh my dad was irresponsible. And he played no role in my life”

Okay. I’m sorry to hear that. That’s really awful.

But be honest: have you been responsible yourself?

Now that you are a man/woman of your own right- have you showed him any love, care or sense of responsibility?

Responsibility goes both ways. He has a duty to you, And you have a duty to him. A good parent should care for their child regardless of what the child does. And a good child should care for their parent despite what the parent does.

Is any of this easy? No. Is it good? Yes.

Good parents don’t care for us because we are good to them, they care simply because we are their children. And in the same way, We don’t care for our parents because they have been good to us, we care for them because they are our parents. This is how to live above the pain.

Do you have both parents alive? Be Grateful!

Treating your parents bad because they treated you bad would NEVER deal with all the pain they caused you and all the damage you have been through. Part of the healing you need is to forgive them so you can also find recovery. None of this will be easy, But it will be worth it.

Credit: Dr Olufunmilayo

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