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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing; Which Is More Effective

Digital Marketing can be considered as a more advanced and evolved form of traditional marketing. While traditional marketing banked on mainly print medium to promote a brand or company, digital marketing gives prominence to digital medium which involves bringing information right to customers’ fingertips or mobile screens.


Now, to your question, why is digital marketing done? – As the latest trends in technology have begun to infiltrate society, various fields have been invariably influenced by it. So has the field of marketing. Digital marketing is a cheaper and more efficient alternative to traditional marketing techniques which have started to become outdated.

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Digital Marketing helps all businesses to get noticed in the vast market sphere, regardless of their size. They have resources of all price ranges to help you establish your business- no matter if its small or medium-sized.

Digital Marketing techniques help your customers become more familiar with your company. It makes them recognize you quite easily from amongst your competitors. Various marketing techniques are used in custom devised strategies to get you better results. That is the best thing about Digital Marketing. You are not forced to settle with whatever is available.

Unlike Traditional techniques, Digital Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all. It is custom tailored and altered to suit the various needs of the business.

Digital Marketing
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The most important benefit of Digital Marketing is the feedback. We get real-time feedback of the campaigns through Digital Marketing. One can measure the reach of a campaign, general response, and customer reaction very easily. Proper monitoring of these statistics helps one to track and increase leads, converting them into sales. Higher conversion rates generated through Digital Marketing offers better sales and ROI.

Unlike Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing facilitates interaction with selected audiences. That is beneficial, considering not everyone shall be really interested in all services offered by a company. Cherry picking the relevant audience and engaging them can be more efficient in terms of cost and response.

Now to the second question- Is digital marketing more effective than traditional marketing?– Definitely Yes!

By investing just 10% of what you invest in traditional marketing techniques, you can earn better results through Digital Marketing. The cost is going to be less compared to the huge sums of money used for traditional print ads.

A part of this is because Digital Marketing indirectly helps boost your company’s reputation. Being truthful and delivering what was promised is going to earn you people’s trust. Satisfied customers are going to spread the word about your service earning you more customers. Basically, it’s like getting your own brand ambassadors for nothing. Word of mouth is certainly going to earn you a few customers if you adhere to your promises.

Unlike traditional techniques which could only ‘inform’ your potential customers, Digital Marketing uses Call to Action (CTA). It presents them with options to sign up/ like/ download/ buy some service from your firm. This is definitely going to offer you better leads.

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And moreover, traditional techniques despite being time tested needn’t necessarily be effective for your service. Digital Marketing offers you the option to run a trial campaign to find the responses before investing further. Better results can assure you of proper growth while lower response can give you the chance to update your marketing strategy. So it can be undeniably confirmed that Digital Marketing offers better growth and profits.

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