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Digital Marketers, What’s Your Marketing Stack?

Marketing Stack
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There is no such thing as a universal marketing stack. Marketing is a broad term and a set of tech tools that facilitate marketers’ work can be very different.

For example, both social media manager and a marketing analyst work with analytical tools, but the analyst won’t need a social media scheduling tool. Some marketers prepare graphics themselves, others never do that.

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Anyway, here is my personal stack


Social Media: To schedule and post to all social media platforms

HootSuite, Kontentino, Buffer

Proofreading: No one is perfect, and the language isn’t ours!


Content Ideas: At a point in time you’ll need fresh ideas.

Answer The Public, Buzz Sumo, Quora.

Project Management and Communication: For the team to be in sync.

Slack, Stackfield

Lead Generation: You cannot be a digital marketer and no generate leads.


Design: Yes, graphic designers will be out of job soon. I said it. Mark it somewhere.

Canva, Unsplash, Pixabay

Rating Systems/Testimonials/Social Proof:

Analytics: Every marketer needs this!

Google Analytics, Diib, SemRush

Link Shortening and Retargeting:

Bitly, Campaign URL Builder, RocketLink

Sales and Customer support:

Cloud Talk, Chatbots(MobileMonkey)

It would be lovely to read about your personal stack; share with us in the comment box below.

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