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Captivating Moments you Missed at Chale Wote 2019?

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The chant before the start of August 2019 was Chale Wote! Chale Wote!! Chale Wote!!! Then came the events and not many passed through. But wait, Did I even go?

chale wote

Well, that’s of no need now! Whether you went or you missed out, I am very much certain the crowd particularly on the final day did not permit you to catch all these captivating moments we put together for your viewing pleasure.

Chale Wote 2019

14th August came too soon as did the its last day of 25th August passed to quickly. The graphics for day one was not that much of an encouragement to woo you come but as the days passed into middle of the week, the attention was drawn and lit events we for each moment.

Kwame Donald Trump too came to pass thru… #chalewote Click To Tweet

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Do you remember these rituals to usher in the start?

The came the Music Bills…
Captivating Sensations Take Over!

Then came the usual body arts…

The Internet Money Heist Gang came to Rob for the day…

Kwame Donald Trump too came to pass through…

And the AFROSAGES Squad caught a glimpse of these pretty smile….

Chale Wote smiles

Want More? Check out this Channel…

Till then, we wait for the amazing things next year has to offer!


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