Can I Blame Alcohol For This?


So I used to have a very close friend who I’ll call K. We were best friends from the ages of about 12 until 17, she was about 18 months younger then me, and just to give you a further idea of how close we were, we were never a couple but we did lose our virginity together. But that’s another story altogether!

Anyway, K was one of my best friends, and so as a result I also got on very well with her family; so her Mum T, and her brothers L and P. And I would regularly visit the family whether K was around or not. Skipping ahead to about the age of 16, K got with a lad I’ll call KL, and left home.

She was on and off with this guy and he was abusive towards her. They were also with bad company and did a lot of drugs and alcohol and even ended up homeless. Every now and again the poor lifestyle would get the better of K and she’d come home to her mum’s for a short while. But she would always end up running back to her prick of a boyfriend.

Anyway this went on for years, so we’ll fast-forward to early 2017. K’s mum, T, had moved up to a new town about the same time as me and my family had. Only difference was T was living alone now, whereas I still had my family.

So since we were once again living in the same town and I got along so well with the family, I would often visit T alone and we’d have a drink and watch TV and vent to each other about life. T was in her early 50’s and I was 22 at that time.

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This may seem odd that we’d be as close as we were but to be honest most of my friends were older than me and I just kind of had an older head and a higher level of maturity to most people my age.

Now I never suspected honestly that T had any kind of attraction to me, although when I think about it she probably did drop small hints in the form of passing comments like “If only you’d been born 30 years earlier” and “I always preferred a big muscly guy, more strength behind the stroke, K did well with you”.

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Yes she was very blunt and vulgar but I was used to it so I just laughed it off. Anyway on one of the evenings where I’d gone to hers for a visit we’d gone out to the local pub, had a fair few drinks and gotten back to hers about half past midnight.

She had picked up a bottle of wine on the way back and I’d bought a small bottle of vodka and some coke so we could keep the night going. We had a really good night and T had already asked if I wanted to stay at her flat for the night. It was only one bedroom but I had stayed before always on the sitting room couch.

But on this night, just before she went to bed, T asked me “do you want to come to bed with me? It is a double so there’d be plenty of room. And when I say “come to bed” I don’t mean have sex” and laughed a bit. I don’t know what I was thinking but I agreed and genuinely had no intention of doing anything with her anyway since let’s be honest, I’d already slept with her daughter!

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So we went to bed, and my head was buzzing nicely so I soon drifted off. I slept well but when I woke up I got a shock. The duvet was almost completely off me exposing my body to the daylight. I usually slept naked but since I was at T’s house I had kept my boxers on.

However I noticed that my boxer buttons were undone, my penis was hard, and sticking out of my boxer button gap and was damp with warm liquid. I quickly put my dick away and hid myself under the duvet at first thinking that maybe I’d had a wet dream (although this wasn’t likely at 22) and had maybe started to touch myself in my sleep, although this had never happened before, and it didn’t explain the warm liquid, which was definitely not semen.

Anyway once I was covered up I turned over and looked at T’s side of the bed, and was shocked to find that she was completely naked! And to be honest, she looked pretty good as well for a 50 year old. I had a little look as any bloke would and then covered her up.

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I knew she had gone to bed in pyjamas so it was a surprise. She appeared to be asleep but I also noticed that one of her hands was reached out in front of her body resting on the bed only a few inches from my left hip. There were also wet splotches on the bed-sheet around the lower part of her body.

And that’s when the picture began to take shape in my mind. Obviously it seemed she’d woken up before me, gotten horny, taken a peek at my dick and then gone on to play with it a bit, maybe even tasted it or sucked it as that would explain the liquid.

And then apparently either masturbated next to me while doing this or had spilt a drink on the bed, right between her legs, which seems unlikely. I am a pretty light sleeper usually so I knew the only reason I’d slept through all this had been because of the alcohol in my system.

I didn’t really know how to feel about the situation but in the end I kind of just blamed it on the alcohol and the fact that she was a lonely single woman for a long time at this point and perhaps her alcohol enhanced emotions had gotten the better of her.

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I never brought it up, and she never did either, but we mostly continued as normal from that point. We were still good friends at the end of the day. I never shared a bed with her again though, and in fact very rarely slept at her end again after that.

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