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Biggest Lessons I Learnt From The Corporate World

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Oh, my biggest lessons I learnt from the corporate world. After almost 5 years, it took me getting laid off to remember that it is your connections and not your resume that get you the job you want. Or losing a friend to remember that it’s not just making the connections in life, but keeping up with them that’s important.

I’ve been asked a few times if I ever regret working in the corporate world, and my answer would always be a big “No”.

Biggest Lessons I Learnt From The Corporate World

1. Trap in a rat race. Lives paycheck to paycheck.

2. Sharing personal stories are one of the weak-spots.

3. If you don’t get along with coworkers they will labeled you as a snob.

4. Creating romance in the office is a taboo but it’s actually a big no-no even if it’s not written in Employee handbook.

5. In the office there are different attitude. Listen more and talk less. Ask questions. Be curious.

Biggest Lessons I Learnt From The Corporate World
Biggest Lessons I Learnt From The Corporate World

6. If you are new. Observation is very important. Even though you graduated with BSc Administration honor. Always be teachable with your supervisors because that is not a school to impress your new classmates. “First impression is lasting” doesn’t work in all situations.

7. Building friendships is not necessary.

8. Do not get seriously affected by co workers who laughed at you because you made a mistake or maybe you look funny on how you look. What matters most is doing your best in your job and at the end of the day it will always be your family and yourself and not them.

9. Never speak about your next big move. They also silently wish to do that.

10. Be optimistic and professional. Be balance with good personality and humor and being wise.

11. Looks do matter in corporate universe so enroll in a gym and restart your lifestyle. Find your fashion and sense of style. Shop that clothes and change your regimen.

12. Proving how intelligent you are and patronize others is immature. Being pedantic will never give you incentives.

13. Different walks of life. One is from a prestigious expensive university and the other is from a public university. Same office, same job description and same salary. No one is acknowledge by grades and school if you’re not knowledgeable with the Employee handbook and with your job responsibilities.

Biggest Lessons I Learnt From The Corporate World
Biggest Lessons I Learnt From The Corporate World

14. Never gossip.

15. Give feedback honestly.

16. Arriving early and doing nothing is viewed more favorably than staying late and working assiduously. It’s unfair, but it’s only the first boot of real life to kick you in the ass.

You are bound to make mistakes, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to avoid those. However, make it a point to learn from every mistake you’ve done.

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