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Best Online Markets in Ghana – 2019

best online markets ghana 2019

Almost everyone is caught up with online shopping these days, but which is your best online market in Ghana in 2019? The preferred destination for everyone differs depending on what you may be shopping or even considering selling.

afrosages.com gives you a review of the Best Online Markets in Ghana based on their range of activities within the near half section of 2019. Our assessment is based on their level of social media engagements. Their offers and discounts, ordering to checkout and delivery processes as well as their customer support services.


This is subsidiary of Jumia Global, Jumia Ghana has a hold on the Ghanaian Online Market judging from their 17Milion+ Facebook following.

jumia online market 2019
jumia.com.gh ads pop up

Jumia Ghana is with extensive social media reach and you could mistake their loud advertisement as spams; even in your Facebook Messenger they reach out to you with their numerous offers.

The Good

The fluid and highly responsive mobile and desktop site provides for easy browsing through the market in search for whatever you may want to order. There is also an option where items they do not have you can order for them from their Chinese affiliates and it will be shipped to your doorsteps.

The Bad

Their prices on the whole seems a little on the upside compared to taking a walk into town without the delivery and other factors held constant.

The Bottom Line

Jumia Ghana remains undoubtedly a household name for online shopping in Ghana and have profiled themselves as the largest, a mall and the best. Tell us in the comments section how you rate them.


Following up closely to give the market leader a run for their money is the solely Ghanaian owned super mall; myghmarket.com. This is run by a league of vibrant multi disciplined and talented young folks seeking to provide the shopper with the “experience of something new”.

myghmarket  best online market

myghmarket.com easily passes for the true definition of a hyper mall where there is a listing of all kinds of products and services at a click of a button and a seamless ordering to checkout out process with flexible delivery schedules. Integration to social login is enabled giving the assurance pf security whiles you register to make a purchase or just be a one time shopper.

Even though myghmarket may not be loud in the advertisement front, they have tailored WhatsApp messaging routine used for updating shoppers and potential clients of their latest deals and offers.

Their social media engagement may not be as “spammy” as that of Jumia Ghana but they do keep a descent strategy of regular and consistent updates.

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The Good

Their quick response time in ensuring delivery is on time and fulfillment of order is top notch. A live chat agent is also a plus coupled with their dedication to customer service and amazing discounts and offers each day.

The Bad

With the evolution of mobile, myghmarket is yet to get a mobile app which we are sure it is being developed.

The Bottom Line

myghmarket is the next evolution of online market with a holistic offering and the chance to get everything from household, office and miscellanous items on a single plaform. They hope to deploy predictive AI that helps with prediction of what is needed in your cart once you visit their site. Priding themselves are Ghana Favorite Online Shop on the quest to make you experience something new, the sky seems to be the limit.


Once a leading household name with branding in every space where people would even use it in sentences when referring to the act of selling online. Though it may have lost its popularity to some extent, it remains a force in the Ghanaian online shopping space to be reckoned with.

tonaton online market 2019

Tonaton’s rise to be a household name is in their signature mode of operation as a brand that allows buying and selling off their platform; bring buyers and sellers together and not just they holding and selling their own inventory.

online market in tonaton
Tonaton deals on display

The Good

A flexible platform that allows listing from vendors. Buyers get to compare products or services of same quality with different prices to make a convenient choice before purchase or listing for sales.

The Bad

Most times tonaton cannot vouch for quality of the products or services offered by the individual listings. This gives tonaton limited control over the sales procedure. Their once renowned goodwill with the public seems to be dwindling with less seen in their evolution with latest trends in online shopping.

The Bottom Line

tonaton may have lost the hold on the market but remains a desired destination if you want to list something for sale, get rid of a spare or “slightly used” products and compare prices.


Aside these 3, others would want us to review Zoobashop, Kaymu, Melcom Online, Kikuu and all the other Alibaba affiliates(aliexpress).

Tell us in the comment section or on our Social Pages which ones we should review next to find the ultimate online shopping destination.

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