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Before You Propose To Her!

Before You Propose To Her
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I don’t know who I’m talking to. But I know someone needs to read this. Before you propose to her, there are certain things you need to know. People see a proposal as a special and intimate moment that should be shared just between the person asking and the person being asked and not the public.

Public proposals can be tricky and there’s risk involved. If the person you’re proposing to does not say yes, you’ve put yourself on display, rejection and all.

Before You Propose To Her
Before You Propose To Her

1. Proposing marriage to a lady can take place anywhere. Must NOT be at a shopping mall or a fine restaurant in front of camera flickers or a live orchestra playing bluez…

2. If you must do it that way, be 99.9% sure what the outcome would be. It’s not proper for a decent guy like you to trend on Twitter or Instagram for receiving 3 dirty slaps on bended knees. Be your own man and do what works for you using your own script…

3. If your lady asks to be given time to consider your proposal, it’s normal. Stories about where the lady cries out of excitement and jumps on the guy at an instant while saying “Yes” to his proposal could represent just a small percentage of what happens in reality…

4. Don’t assume that all women are desperate to marry these days. It’s not true. In fact there are a rising number of women who just don’t want to marry? Those who do want to be sure. So see her response as a good sign that your babe wants to think things through first…

Before You Propose To Her
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5. If you don’t have a diamond ring to use like the one Davido gave Chioma, don’t worry about it. It’s not about the ring. During my time, I didn’t have money to buy diamond ring to propose with but I had diamonds in my mouth and my swag was made of gold…

6. Sixteen years down the line my wife is still feeling my swag. And diamond ring can’t be an issue anymore. So, show up like a man that can lead a family and let it show in your carriage. Women want a man they can trust to lead them. But still, don’t be fake…

7. If she rejects your proposal, let HER be. It’s GOOD for you and society. Doesn’t make her a bad person. Doesn’t also mean you’re worth less. You may not just be good for each other. So don’t be dramatic. Breaking up at that point is a blessing when compared to Divorce.

Before You Propose To Her

I’m assuming you and your girlfriend have talked about marriage and your future before you go proposing.  I don’t expect you to wake up one morning and go to Shoprite and kneel down to talk to her about marriage. Know your partner before you propose to her.

Last two months a man drowned while proposing to his girlfriend underwater on holiday in Tanzania.

Also, rejecting a proposal doesn’t mean the relationship is over the lady may not be ready for marriage yet and it’s fine…men should also understand this.

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