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Barclays Ghana designs New Products and Services targeted at Women owned SMEs

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Barclays Ghana, now part of the ABSA group, early this year designed a superb set of products and services targeted at Women owned SMEs to enable them take advantage of digital in their financial transactions for growth and profitability.

Barclays Ghana is seen to make a point with these products and services based on their research findings which revealed that women were a major part of the SME market.

Based on the government’s agenda to drive financial inclusion, it is in same light that the bank values the major role women owned SMES play in the growth of both the formal and informal sectors of the economy.

Barclays Ghana 8th SME Clinic

The SME Clinic by Barclays Ghana is designed to help SME clients by educating and supporting SMEs in running a sound and sustainable business.

Mrs Grace Elizabeth Anim-Yeboah Barclays Ghana
Business Banking Director at Barclays Ghana, Mrs Grace Elizabeth Anim-Yeboah

The event provides these SMEs with the opportunity to have a face to face interaction with the Bank officials and this year’s session saw the participants taken through credit sanctioning, fraud alerts, forex trading and company succession plan as well as basic business management practices amongst others.

Present at the event was Business Banking Director at Barclays Ghana, Mrs Grace Elizabeth Anim-Yeboah who briefed the participants on the Barclays Ghana’s transition to the ABSA Group.

In a speech at the event, Head of SME Banking at Barclays Ghana, Mrs Audrey Abakah, noted;

“We are working out a women’s proposition in line with the financial inclusion agenda of the country. We have a lot more women who are not in the financial system and this is of great concern to us, given their contribution to the SME sector.” … “Attracting more women into our system will give us the opportunity to support them to realise their possibilities and grow their business

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Beneficiaries of The SME Clinic

The resources and personnel available at these clinic helps nurture the participants in getting abreast with the bank’s digital banking systems, mobile money collection solution amongst others.

The SME clinic which was designed to equip business owners with relevant skills and information to grow their businesses had hundred of beneficiaries.

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