Black Sedy

Is The Christian Life an Inconvenient Truth or a Convenient Lie?

How do you define your Christian life? I used to struggle with my mind as to how I fit into...
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Will I Go To Hell if I Refuse to Go to Church?

This is a tricky though straight forward question that deserves a simple yes or no answer! Will I Go to...
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How do I List My Business on Google My Business?

This is the era of making money on the internet, your business should not be left out when there is...
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Relationship Break ups

8 Best Ways to Successfully and Peacefully Break-up a Relationship

The thought of break-up in a relationship can really weigh on you, make you say the wrong things or make...
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How do you make an Online Presence for your Local Business?

Dear AFROSAGES, I want to know how to make an online presence for my local business?I have been running a...
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facebook likes increase

How Do I Grow My Facebook Business Page Organically?

Hi AFROSAGES, I am into the food service business and started my Facebook Business Page in October 2016 as my...
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chale wote 16

Chale Wote-Awe Inspiring Moments of Ghana’s No.1 Biggest Street Art Festival

Chale Wote! Chale Wote!! Chale Wote!!! Are you a lover of arts- music, pictures, paintings, sculptures, graffiti and any form...
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local business

4 Amazing Ways to Promote your Local Business Online

Are you a new local business or you have been around for while and all you hear these days is...
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3 Top Tips to Make Instagram Grow your Business

Over the last year(2018) and during the Facebook Developers Conference; F8, there has been much talk about Facebook and Instagram...
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3 Secret Red Flags about Dating a Girl in the Hook up Era

“We are precious entities and not worthless for grabs with ease so take note of the red flags” – A...
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edi-c Juice

3 Alluring Reasons to Drink Fresh Juice Everyday – Edi-C Juice

This is not an AFROSAGES command to you ooo…But a call from the CEO of Edi-C Juice! She wants to...
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sex life 101

How is your Sex Life? Need a Boost?

Is there even a code for sex? Well, there seems to be one, but how is yours? No matter how...
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