Author: Elorm Sangbey

Free Spirited Writer

9 Habits Of People Who Never Get Stressed

The habits of those that never get stressed are streamlined with one simple realization: They understand that stressing about something won’t change anything. Due to truly understanding the effects of this realization they enable themselves to take the following habits seriously: They Do not think about their Stress – There is no reason to continue to stress […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Ghanaian Football Transfer

AFROSAGES has compiled a list of most expensive football transfers, which details the highest transfer fees ever paid for Ghanaian players. Here are the most expensive Ghanaian football transfer ever. Michael Essien (£24.4million) – Lyon to Chelsea Chelsea completed a swoop for Ghana midfielder Michael Essien for what was a club record fee of £24.4 […]

What Are The Best Social Media Marketing Practices For Startups?

Social media marketing has proven to be effective in lots of situations. Lots of studies, companies, and brands have experienced a positive outcome. Not including social media in your marketing strategy would be like leaving money on the table. Most startups when they start marketing on social media think they need to be everywhere, doing […]

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