Author: Elorm Sangbey

Free Spirited Writer

8 Ways To Improve Social Media Live Videos

If you have not yet found out the potential for social media live video streaming – it’s a good time to get into the action and incorporate it into your online marketing strategy. Most small business owners inform you, social media and the creation of relationships and brand power can be an important challenge. The […]

5 Things You Nor Know About Communication For Relationship Inside

How you dey mange your communication for the relationship inside dey hia waa. If communication nya die nor, life finish for the love inside. Once communication start dey slow down, or e start dey fade, then unexpressed feelings, rejection, bitterness then emotional distance start dey bury the relationship. You then your partner fit stay the […]

Social Media Post Frequency: Relevant?

How often should businesses post on social media is one of the most frequently asked questions? The brief answer: Social media success is not a magic formula. How often you post will depend on your audience’s platforms, schedules and the content you post. It doesn’t matter if you posting irrelevant once a day or thousands […]

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