Elorm Sangbey

What Did You Learn Too Late In Life?

Better late than never they said, so even though i learned these stuff too late in life, i’m still happy....
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Can I Blame Alcohol For This?

So I used to have a very close friend who I’ll call K. We were best friends from the ages...
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1xBet AFROSAGES Sept 2019 WK 6 Winner Odds

Hello football loving fans, another weekend is upon us and risk takers must make some cool cash by placing your...
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10 Things To Know Before Embarking On a Long Term Relationship/Marriage?

A friend asked me, what is something you wish people would tell you before embarking on a long term relationship...
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Relationship Mistakes

6 Relationship Mistakes I Will Never Make Again

Have you ever been in a relationship or just gotten out of one that left you full of regrets? I...
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Here Are The 25 Lessons I Wish I Had Learned Before 25

I turned 30 only a few months ago. And I can’t believe I just wrote that…Looking back on my 20’s,...
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Sexual Anatomy

Sexual Anatomy 101 – Lesson 2

Every woman is capable of squirting. Now before you go forcing someone’s child to pee on you, sit and learn....
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Thank You

His “Thank You” Was Genuine And Heartfelt

One night, before I was married, I stopped at a Chinese restaurant to get dinner for my fiance and me....
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Marketing Tools

What Is The Best Marketing Tool Today?

Among the most exciting aspects of the world of electronic advertising is the way it levels the playing field for...
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Dick Game

Guys, Up Your Dick Game!

It’s your favourite sex therapist Queen Preshiii again and i’ll be teaching the guys how to use their dicks to...
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Social Media 101

Social Media 101 – Disagree To Agree.

Disagreeing with people on principle without making them enemies. I suspect that if someone writes a book on that, they...
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7 Reasons Why Recruiters Push A Resume Aside

You’ve been sending your resumes to recruiters but no response? Here are top 7 reasons of 2019 why recruiters pushed...
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