Elorm Sangbey

Elorm Sangbey

Entrepreneurship Life Is Not For Everyone, Do You Agree & Why?

Why is the lion considered the King of the Jungle? He’s not the tallest… Giraffes are taller. He’s not the biggest… Elephants are bigger. He’s not the heaviest… Hippos are heavier. He’s not the smartest… Hyenas are smarter. He’s not the most intelligent… Chimpanzees are more intelligent. When an elephant sees a lion, he runs, even though he’s bigger, stronger, smarter, and more powerful than...

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Conflict Resolution 2.0 – Note to Young Professionals

Dear Young Professionals, Gather, grab a seat. Let us talk about 'Conflict Resolution'. CONFLICT RESOLUTION - A NOTE TO YOUNG PROFESSIONALS "Gbos gbas gbos" can happen anywhere and anytime. Online, offline, work, event. You name it. While in Business School, I learnt the five styles of how to manage any kind of conflict. So, you can chose what works best for you. Before you chose...

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

Why You Shouldn't Buy Instagram Followers - It may seem tempting to pay for your first couple of thousands followers, whether you are trying to become a social media celebrity or simply to spread Instagram brand awareness. Is buying Instagram followers legal and safe for your business? Is it a worthwhile investment? Can You Buy Instagram Followers? Yes, you can buy Instagram followers. There are...

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Why Is Content So Important For SEO?

SEO is actually all about content marketing. And since content writing is indispensable to any genuine content marketing effort, we can safely say that SEO is actually all about content writing. How come? I’m describing that below. SEO CONTENT 1. SEO Needs Strategic Usage Of Keywords And Search Terms Although big advances have been made in terms of ranking web pages and blog posts according...

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