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Alert: Scams to Avoid!

Scam Alert!
Scam Alert
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On a daily basis, cons are constantly inventing ways to swindle you out of your cash and you may fall for it out of desperation for quick cash or hardship that needs a quick fix. But hold on, AFROSAGES is with this alert to unearth the scams to avoid.

Scams, Fraudulent and Ponzi Schemes to Avoid!

World Remit

World Remit is claimed to be a merchant for receiving money directly into a mobile money wallet like a money transfer or wired money from one country to another country.

The promise is to take your money to buy Master B.T.C Card, MasterCard Classic to dish out money to your mobile money account twice. The reciepeint is assured to receive the money in under the hour. PURE SCAM! Beware!!!

World Remit Scam Alert – Beware!!!
Scams to Avoid

Ghana numbers to look out for,

TRUST 100% – This is a scam, DO NOT fall for it!

Wave Money Scam

This is no different from the World Remit Money Scam, same tricks and procedure but different name! Semantics of the fraud game

Do not join this WhatsApp group, is a pure Scam!

Free Data Bundle

You are enticed with the message like;
“Free 6GB Data Bundle is being given out to 10,000 people which will last for 1 week.
I just activated mine now. Hurry up before it’s over.
Tap the link below to get yours Now!!!”

Sorry, no network provider is this generous to assume the place of Santa, they have bills, salaries and taxes to pay! Wise up and don’t get caught up.

Your device is infected with a virus!

A window pops up about a legitimate-sounding antivirus software program like “Your Device is infected with a Virus, Scan Now!” alerting you that your machine has been infected with a dangerous bug. You’re prompted to click or tap on a button to run a virus scan.

They scan always reveals a “virus found”—and for a fee, you are tasked to pay to clean your system and always comes at a cost requiring credit card information. Beware, this is a scam!

Prize Scams

You are called, texted or emailed and congratulated for winning a prize or even a huge lottery pot (although you can’t remember buying a ticket). In order to collect your winnings you are asked to pay a processing fee or to call a premium rate phone line.

Travel Ponzi Schemes

You get an email advertising or a messenger alert, either from Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter DM with an amazing deal on travel opportunities for you and your family at cheap prices.

You then get follow up calls from an individual assigned to oversee your enrolment and payment of an initial amount. Trust me, pay the initial amount and you are placed in a pyramid structure to fund travels for people high up the pyramid. If you are thinking it is a one time payment to guarantee you a travel around the world, then sorry, you just got scammed!


Do not fall prey to any of the above scams, “shine your eyes” and be wise. If you have any other scams that are current, do update us with a comment.

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