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African Countries should be Run by Successful Business Folks Only!

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This is not to throw jabs at any profession or individual but a clear announcement of that seriousness that needs to be attached to the governance of AFRICAN countries.

This is not to say there are no good leaders or African Countries hasn’t seen a fair share of great leaders, but the real test of the current situations is where are we as compared the developed world?

The problems of the African goes beyond the normal everyday talk shop of folks sitting in luxurious and heavily guarded offices…
…to either to debate all day over what is always politically polarised based on sentiments and egos or to churn out policies that only aims at lining their individual pockets.

The solutions to Africans’ problems are ones that can be curated by visionary and business leaders that takes their Countries as Business Entities for which their MUST make good profits for the shareholder(citizens) and the stakeholders(public and civil servants) properly remunerated.

Burna Boy and M.anifest tells the Story of the African Countries
What defines the Successful Business Folk worthy enough to run African Countries?

To run a nation as a business person then the said individual must certainly possess a wide range of expertise in the disciplines of finance, marketing, entrepreneurship and of course, management. However, no matter how skill endowed a business person is they are certain basic qualities need to be an ace and a transformation agent.

Regardless of the varying expertise, the ground rules adequate for a leader of nation, a developing one at that remains the same and as shared below.

Understanding the Pain and Gain points to be able to Take Risks

A good leader of a developing nation needs to not be afraid to take risks. The entrepreneurial spirit needs to be strong in order to advance the business of the nation and improve revenue coffers enough to undertake needed projects and infrastructure.
As a necessary requirement, such a nation’s leader must have the habit of taking risks from time to time, calculated risks that would land his or her profits.

Strong Leadership Abilities

A strong leadership ability is probably the A-Listed quality of a nation’s leader who wants to view his or her nation as a business entity for which steering must be towards the right directions.

A national’s leader with strong leadership ability should be able to get the right hands for the job of running a nation and should encompass trust and followership on the decisions taken.

In the absence of a strong leader, the story that becomes history as written of the developing countries will remain one of how the leadership could bot chart a course towards meaningful and sustainable development. A true leader of a nation’s state would command the his or her forces, inspire the citizenry to be patriotic in the delivery of their public and civic duties. With the above done, there is a guarantee of the developing nations catching up with the developed world.

Ability to Take Profitable Initiative

A way to have to have a successful business is to make sure that you will always push your team to work (smarter)harder and deliver the best outcomes and this is no different from a running a nation.

Taking profitable initiatives for your country is the right way to achieve that. Provide the vision, walk the talk, suggest new ideas, allow people to fail and learn.

Apt Communication skills

It doesn’t really matter how great the ideas of the visionary leader of the nation is, if he or she is not able to clearly communicate these ideas to the builders and shapers in the public, private and civil sectors of the economy, the ideas would just remain in his or her mind or on paper.

Ability for the visionary leader to communicate ideas for development to the teams that need to bring these ideas to life and clearly make them understand and buy into the agenda for development is what the African countries need to shape up to and above the standards of the developed nations.

A good leader of a nation must have strong and good communication skills in order to interact, present, assert and bring all the different stakeholders which are involved in the development of his or her country to the table to chart the course of growth, development and above all yield profit for the nation.

Strong Negotiation and Persuasion Skills

What African Countries need is a leader that is tact and diplomatic at all times. A leader focused on achieving set developmental goals. A leader that is able to learn when to compromise and when to take a stand, in order to persuade prospects to do what needs to be done.

Such a leader will need to win and fulfil the set out goals and timelines within his tenure of office and not empty promises.

The Zeal to Collaborate with Other Stakeholders to foster Development

Running a country has never been a thing for a single individual and most certainly not for a prolific business person no matter how savvy he or she is.

For the best of the tasks to be carried out, collaborating with multiple parties from both the inside as well as the outside of the country, therefore any good leader of an African country especially one that is business savvy should be able to build up the relationships, influence, manage conflicts and navigate through the national politics and polarities in order to get the required development to scale up the country’s outlook.

Rwanda with a Business Focused Leader; Paul Kigami!

Ability to always Think Outside the Box and Expertise in International Trade and Business

What African countries need is a leader with the business instincts to always think outside the box with the ever dynamics of the market and the world economies.

Surrounding him/herself with the best business associates to ensure the best thought out plan that yields profit for the nation is what is paramount to the pettiness and selfish motives.

Abstract reasoning is what is needed to withstand the ever changing market situations that throws a large chunk of the African countries into debt and poverty and above all lose of their financial and economic sovereignty.

The said leader but above all else understand and surround him/herself with those knowledgeable in international trade and business so to find sustainable deals that yields profit for its nation.

Conducting the necessary competitive analysis as well as where to push the right buttons all in the quest to put the nation on the path growth, development and profitability.


The argument for presidents and leaders of developing countries to be only astute business folks is not to sideline the other disciplines but to ensure that developing countries particularly the African ones to inch up on the ladder of development and profit from their abundant resources by putting them to great use other than dwelling in a resource curse dilemma.

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