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Accra Night Life Still Dey Pap!

Purple Pub Accra Night Life
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If somebody tell you say Accra Night Life be dull agh, tell am say I say he/she be liar.
Me then my paddies Sedy then Nauti decide say we go go get some few bottles then talk Friday gbeke.
We go Purple Pub, chale, as at 10pm, the place full up. Where you go sit sef be problem. We enter go get wanna “5 Fingers” then some place go tap. As wanna cups dey make empty we go get some chilled beer (obviously Club) then some kebab. As we dey sip wanna drinks we dey dey nod wanna heads to the music the DJ dey play.


As the night dey go we decide say we go go Serallio. As we catch there, where we go park sef be problem, that dey tell you say the place pack ruff. 
We pay wanna GHS 10 gate fee wey we walk straight go the bar get wanna mini beer then go order yam chips then chicken. 

We see some known faces, wey we vibe then jam. The DJs too know how to get the crowd jamming.
See, Serallio ein settings be dope, the djs be serious, wey the MC Jonny Stone ( you already know ). The GHS 10 you go pay for the gate go make you carry your own booze come inside.


We dey pap it for Serallio small wey we go Kona. That place too tight pass. 
We end up for Ace Tantra. Ace Tantra dey the same compound plus Rockafellas just adjacent to Roots Apartmental Hotel. 
Chale, dem renovate the place make e be guy, sound proof so unless you enter before you go hear the sounds. We catch there like 2am, like 10 people pe dey inside, by 3am, the place full up. Dema sounds be top notch, e dey hit you for every part of your body. Interesting thing be say e be free entry, you just for buy booze once you enter.

Ace Tantra

This weekend we go go back to Ace Tantra next so make you catch we for there make we vibe. We go try pass through Bloom Bar then Twist. no doubt ma paddy, Accra Night Life dey really pap.

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