AFROSAGES provides consultancy services to SMEs as well as Startups by Enabling Growth and Profitability using Social Media Resources and Tools.

The Consult is growing in a category that is very unique and employs the wide array of internet and social media resources for ethical approach, attention to detail and providing the client with an honest, objective and balanced cost-effective and efficient strategy tailored to the needs of its partners.

Social Media Marketing

Our brand growth solutions are based on our strategized tailored framework, which provides a holistic brand equity measurement system across all of our research platforms. We help our clients drive volume share, increase ROI, and achieve future brand growth. AFROSAGES helps you identify brand opportunities and optimize your budget in today’s fast-moving digital and mobile world.

Our strategy involves market research to enable us to design a custom made solutions that will stand you out among the lot. Our consultants help develop custom market and needs-based segmentation as well as category and brand portfolio strategies and reports to know how well you are doing on the market.


Do I have the right theme for the right location? How do I get value for my spend?

Planning for an event can be very stressful and depressing. Getting the right theme, right location and management of logistics have been a challenge for a successful event filled with memories. We also promote events on available media to engage the right attendance. The distribution of your invites is all taken care of. Our services include;

  • Corporate events
  • Product launch
  • Event management & logistics
  • Exhibitions

The Team

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