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8 Reasons You May Prefer Working from Home

Working From Home
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Working at home has its ups and downs, but for most of us, the benefits are above the disadvantages. While the course of our career, home office structures, and child care arrangements can vary considerably, the reasons for home work are more consistent for most people.

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Lives and choices are being influenced by the option, starting a family, adopting a pet, or moving cross-country may influence people to make choices. People would take a pay cut to work remotely.

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Give Up The Commute.

You don’t work or spend time with family when going to work. Freelancing lower your stress levels when you stop commuting. You’ll save money on fuel, public transportation costs, and/or car insurance and maintenance by working at home.

Work Flexible Hours.

Self-employed people often enjoy more flexibility than employed folks. Self-employed people can choose the kind of work that suits their schedules when they’re at home. Such flexibility makes the choice very appealing.

Save Money On Clothes And Lunches.

You can work in your PJs, but ditch them and change into something that gets you motivated to work every day. You will likely spend less on work clothes.

Company Culture Doesn’t Apply.

You need not comply with company rules by working remotely. You will be more convenient and able to concentrate on the task at hand.

You Get Better Work/Life Balance.

Working remotely allows you to be a part of your family’s/children’s routines throughout the day; not just morning, evenings and weekends. You get to achieve that long sought-after balance between work and play.

Home Office
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Work-at-home parents don’t have unlimited time with their kids, but they do have more frequent opportunities to be with their children.

Increase Or Maintain Your Income.

Working remotely can imply taking on a consulting job or beginning a business while still using a practical daily parenting style. While spending more time at home, you save on many workplace costs.

You’ll Be Happier being Home

The ability to work remotely allows people to better embody the philosophy that we should work to live, not live to work.

Escape The Office’s Social Dynamics.

This one cuts both ways. Some people who start working remotely miss out on the social aspects of an office, but others feel the distractions of unnecessary meetings, social gatherings, or unscheduled chats at the water cooler cut their efficiency, further extending time away from family.

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