8 Places You Can Sell Handmade Products


Most entrepreneurs prefer to sell their handmade products to customers in their communities. They build their client list locally first before they hit the larger market.

HandMade beads by Yaaba Crafts
Photo Credit: Yaaba Handicrafts

Where to Sell Handmade Items Locally?

There are numerous possibilities to grow your client base in your own community. Here are some of them to consider.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is an online option for local sellers. And it is becoming more and more popular since it’s free and has a enormous built-in user base. Moreover, if you’re already on Facebook, it is extra convenient to reach out to a custom audience.


Music festivals, film festivals, food festivals, family fun events, or local carnivals might offer some small spaces for vendors nearby. Just look out for any events in your area that might be popular with your target customers.

HandMade Products evets
Photo Credit: travelsghana.com

Art Galleries

Art galleries offer artisans a space to showcase and sell their works. This is especially relevant for those that work with traditional art techniques like painters or sculptors, but may apply to others as well on occasions that accommodates all handmade crafts.

Arts Gallery For HandMade Products

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Trade Shows

If you want to establish connections in your industry, particularly with retail outlets that you may want to sell products to, consider building a trade show stand. Look for that trade shows in your community and market your products.

Charity Events

Charity events occasionally also offer vendors space. Charity events are not only raising funds for organizations, they are also helping their followers to engage and promote their cause. This might be relevant for businesses offering products for a specific cause or those that are willing to donate a portion of their profits to the host organization.


Instagram can help you facilitate sales in your local community. Simply post a photo or video of the item you’re looking to sell and then ask people to bid in the comments. You can even tag your location on the platform to make it really easy for people to find you and facilitate the sales.

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Pop-Up Stores

Pop-up stores are gradually becoming a trend in Ghana. Usually, they are temporary retail set-ups. They tend to be especially popular around the holidays. Christie Brown, Kiki Clothings and Global Mamas are a few examples.


There are certain coffee cafes and coffee shops where art and handmade products are available. If one of the customers wishes to make a purchase, there can be a tiny cabinet near the register or just hanging artwork on the location.

Handmade Products
Photo by Kaylah Otto on Unsplash

Bottom line

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