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8 Efficient Ways Of Building a Loyal Base Of Clients

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It costs considerably more to get a new customer than to maintain a loyal one, so customer retention must be a major component of an effective marketing strategy and that’s especially true for your business.


You have to start by identifying your customers. Identify who your potential client base is and decide on what appeals to them. What will make them buy your product or service.

Effectively following-up begins immediately after the sale, when you call the customer to say “thank you” and find out if he or she is pleased with your product or service.

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Apple is considered to have the most loyal customer base ever.

“Apple’s brand lets you know that they can change your life for the better, by enhancing it with innovation and technology. Their customer’s loyalty is only continuing to grow as they are still being delivered a simple, easy experience on devices that are becoming more powerful and advanced, and I will definitely be in the queue for the iPhone 8 as soon as it launches.” — Louise Proddrow founder of Tweak Digital Marketing

I’ve selected some ways you can create a better customer experience that will keep your clients coming back for more and unwilling to drop you for your competition:

1. Set Up Ways To Communicate With Your Customers

Find ways to communicate with your customers, read their comments and complaints, Instagram, Periscope or even Facebook Live chats, ask questions, blog, do whatever it takes to consistently create a connection through communication with your customers.

2. Give Them A Little Extra: Rewards

One of the best and perhaps one of the cheapest ways to reward customer loyalty is to give extra perks to your most dependable customers. Whether it’s the ability to skip the line, special meet-and-greets, or immediate seating, customers love getting a little something extra.

For the most loyal customers, you can create ways to give a little extra with loyalty programs. This will incentivize others to want the same treatment.

3. Provide Great Customer Service

Customers remember when they’re treated well, and they remember when they’re treated poorly. In either case, they usually tell their friends and family, and that can either mean more business for you or lost business opportunities.

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash
4. Smile People!

Have you ever entered a store where the exact person who should be assisting you looks like they hated that you even came in through the door?

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No one likes to feel like they are unwelcome when they walk into or out of a store. Online stores have the advantage of always having the same front page which should always have welcoming pop-ups and discounts.

5. Social Media Presence

Maintain a social media presence and not just on one platform. Most B2B businesses go to LinkedIn then Facebook. Most B2C businesses go to Facebook.

That doesn’t mean that you ignore the other platforms, but those are the two big ones to have. Just like with the website, you have to keep the content fresh. If your customers don’t see you in their feed on a regular basis, they will forget about you.

6. Follow-Ups

Understanding who they are, connecting, and giving rewards is very important and so are the follow-ups. Let them know their service is appreciated and seal the experience.

An email with a 10% discount on their next purchase can definitely set an attractive next visit it can keep your customers coming back.

7. Remember Special Occasions

Send regular customers birthday cards, anniversary cards, holiday cards, etc. Gifts are excellent follow-up tools, too. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show you care. Use your creativity to come up with interesting gift ideas that tie into your business, the customer’s business or his or her recent purchase.

8.Train Your TEAM

Make sure you TRAIN YOUR TEAM to be on the same page as you about how you would like your clients to be treated. Your team has to represent your business’ beliefs in every aspect and act accordingly.

Test them to see if they are doing what is expected of them, send in friends, or have them call or email as if they were one of your customers to evaluate the responses.

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Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to build client loyalty, but it all narrows down to consistent efforts to take good care of your customers.

Exceptional Customer Service is Vital.

How has your business worked to create real brand loyalty? Tell us in the comments below!

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