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7 Social Media Lessons I Learned By Myself

Social Media Lessons
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Let me start by saying, being good at social media doesn’t mean having lots of followers. There are social media lessons one should learn.

You are good at social media. How would you even define your level of expertise? If you think you’re good, it’s likely you’d point to your number of followers, shares, retweets, or comments you get on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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But are these metrics really the best way to judge whether someone is good or bad on social media? Here are 7 social media lessons I’ve learned in my small time working as a social media marketer.

1. Great Social Media Takes Work

Being good at social media takes a considerable amount of effort. They say practice makes perfect. Very few people actually practice. You cannot be perfect if you don’t practice.

Social Media Lessons
Social Media Lessons. (Image by rawpixel from Pixabay)

Social media is constantly changing, it’s not enough to simply practice. Almost every week something new pops up and you have to stay abreast with the trends.

Hard work isn’t always seen in the repetition of the same content over and over.

2. Your Audience Is Important Until It Isn’t

Sharing your brand message to your audience can be a tricky thing. Whether your audience is the 30 people who liked your latest Facebook post or the 5 people who clapped for your latest LinkedIn article, you have an audience.

When you write, post, share, or comment, have your audience and fringe followers you want to bring in mind.

3. People Want to Hear Your Voice

This was something that social media expert have stressed on over and over. People are being drawn more and more to people/businesses who are willing to share their own unique, creative voice.

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Your content or your posts should sound exactly like you. You have to figure out your own voice and you have to stick to it.

If you want people to listen to you, be yourself. It’s a must-do to be good at social media.

4. A Consistent Baseline Creates Followers

Consistency helps keep people engaged. You cannot post today and the next time you post is 6 months time.

A consistent baseline doesn’t have to be something you do every day, find what works for you. And stick to it. If you want to start creating loyal fans and followers.

Excellence is not about doing something once to perfection. It’s about doing a task over and over with increasing skill and success.

5. Being Creative Retains Followers

If being consistent creates followers, being creative retains followers. Yes, being consistent is key, but you have to vary your playbook.

Consistency eliminates the gimmicks of click-bait social media and filters out the people who just want the result without the work. Consistency will capture people. Creativity will inspire them.

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And good social media inspires. Try something new on your social media and see the response.

6. Email Newsletters Are For Your Committed Followers

I can’t begin to stress how important this is. People might give you a few minutes of their lunch break as they scroll through Instagram, but if you can get people to intentionally sign up for your email newsletter, that is where your captive audience awaits.

Social Media Lessons
Email Newsletter ( Photo by Krsto Jevtic on Unsplash )

Curate your email list and invite people into content that goes beyond just a simple short post.

But be warned, email lists that aren’t consistent and creative won’t last long. So think hard before starting one. The audience is captive to both good and bad marketing.

7. The Best Social Media Creates Community

The best social media creates community. Use your social media to encourage people to be authentic, purposeful, and friendly towards others.

Use your social media to help businesses grow. Use your social media to inform people. Use your social media to champion a cause.

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I hope my social media lessons helps you to learn something new. You can also share with us some of your lessons in the comment section or ask us any question using the chat-box.

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