7 Reasons Why Recruiters Push A Resume Aside


You’ve been sending your resumes to recruiters but no response? Here are top 7 reasons of 2019 why recruiters pushed a resume aside and what you can do to avoid it.

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Why Recruiters Push A Resume Aside

1. Resume has typos and errors.

A resume filled with typo and errors indicates who you are as a person. Most recruiters indicate this is a no no. Remember, first impressions matter and little errors like that can cost you that remarkable first impression.

How to avoid: When in doubt, use a free website that checks grammar and spellings to review your final resume. Examples are: grammarly.com

2. Your resume is boring.

If a recruiter doesn’t use an ATS to review resumes but does it manually, least they want is to be bored by a resume. Avoid this by simply highlighting your strengths and accomplishments. However, make sure it doesn’t lack originality.

The length of the resume [Image by aymane jdidi from Pixabay ]

3. The length of the resume.

As much as you want to fit all your education, experience, skills and achievements on your resume, it shouldn’t be a manuscript. Avoid this by keeping it to a bare-minimum. Recruiters will readily go for a 2-3 page resume.

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4. Resume has a picture on it.

They say pictures either have a good effect or a not-so-good-effect at first glance. Recruiters are humans too. As this isn’t a visa application, if they need to see what you look like they’d call you for an interview.

5. Resume isn’t data oriented and accomplishments not well stated.

You have accomplish a number of projects over the course of your career but you haven’t effectively communicated how.

Yes: Increased sales to 75% in my role as sales manager.

No: I was the best sales manager.

6. Funny / Inappropriate Emails.

Suggestive emails such as: bigboyxxxx@…com, queenhighxxx@…com, sluttyjoe@…com .Recruiters indicate they don’t pay attention to emails with first and last name because that’s the norm. But when they see funny emails, they push resume aside.

7. Skills, Qualifications and Education doesn’t align with role.

A minimum of 3 years experience is required for the job but you still applied even though you just finished college. Don’t. This indicates the you haven’t properly read the job requirement. Or you ignored it.

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Here are 5 great websites where you can customize your resume by yourself. They are free and have various templates you can choose from thereby giving you access to top notch resumes that recruiters won’t push aside.

1. Resume Now Resume Builder: https://bit.ly/2HBYaDE

2. Resume Help Resume Builder: https://bit.ly/1rpLWtA

3. Visual CV Resume Builder: visualcv.com

4. my Perfect resume Resume Builder: https://bit.ly/2YirJiH

5. Resume Companion Resume Builder: https://bit.ly/2U2nFnA

The mistake on a resume can seem little but the effect on your job search can be profound. Work towards having a resume that showcases your unique experience.

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