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7 Habits Of Rich People

7 Habits Of Rich People
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That financial success is SIMPLE…But it’s also HARD.

Today, I run own and operate a 7-figure business.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, I am technically a member of the 1% (but I still drive a Subaru, live in a reasonably sized apartment, and shop at Walmart).

And yes, I have a healthy investment portfolio to which I add funds every year.

But I’m not saying this to impress you…

…Quite the opposite really.

I’m saying this to impress upon you that there ARE NO SECRETS.

Listen. I’m a delinquent from San Diego who was attending community college before I finished my degree at SDSU.

My teenage years and early adulthood consisted of getting fucked up on the weekends, running from the police, and trying to sneak into bars and clubs with fake ID’s.

I wasn’t and am still not a genius.

I wasn’t born into a rich family.

I didn’t have any “insider information” or special connections to get to this point.


I just asked myself a question… “What do rich people do?”

And then I went and did that.

Despite what this question implies, the habits of the uber-wealthy are NOT “secret” or complicated.

In fact, they’re so simple they’re often ignored.

But more often, people ignore this advice because it’s freaking hard!

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To go from piss broke and sleeping on my brother’s couch to a luxury apartment with skyline views of San Diego and the ability to live how I wanted to take eight years of work.

The first four consisted of 12–16 hour work days, little to no profit, and almost no progress.

After I broke through $300,00/year in revenue, things got easier, but growth wasn’t linear or guaranteed.

7 habits of rich people

To join the 1% I went through:

  • Employees stealing from me.
  • An office flooding (which cost more than $16,000 in repairs)
  • Firing multiple employees I considered to be friends
  • Years of 70+ hour work weeks with NO free cash to show for it
  • Getting food stamps in the mail because I had that little in my bank account
  • Getting kicked out of my parent’s house
  • Sleeping on my brother’s couch for months
  • 3 trips to the emergency room from stress-related illnesses/problems

And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Sure. I did a lot of things wrong and you don’t have to endure any of that shit to get rich.

But pain and struggle are an unavoidable requirement for EARNING real money (vs. inheriting or stealing it).

So with that lengthy preamble out of the way, here are the “secret” habits I followed and actions I took to become part of the 1%.

  • Create something that solves a problem: Identify a problem you want to fix and create a solution for it or sell an existing solution but make it better. If you aren’t offering value and helping people end the pain, you aren’t going to make money—unless you’re on wall street I guess.
  • Learn how to sell: This skill alone, without a business or other marketable skill, can make you a millionaire. If you want to “get rich quick” find a commission only sales job and work 16 hours a day 6 days a week for the next 18 months (and hire a sales coach). If you aren’t into capitalism for the sake of capitalism, then learn how to sell anyways. It’s the only way to build a business and move people to action.
  • Spend less than you make: Simple. Don’t go into debt for stupid shit. Downgrade your lifestyle until you’re rich. Don’t be an idiot with your money. The only time it’s appropriate to buy something on credit is when it’s something to help you…
  • Invest in yourself: Spend every spare dollar you have on books, courses, seminars, coaches, and events. Learn. Apply. Learn. Apply. Learn. Apply. And you will become rich.
  • Spend time with rich people: For a few reasons. 1) You may realize making shit loads of money isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 2) You will be where money is…the more wealth there is in your network, the more likely that wealth will flow your way. 3) You’ll learn how to think like a rich person. Most rich people don’t know anything you don’t…they simply think about the thing they know in a way you don’t. This is the only effective way to get that mindset drilled into your own head.
  • Don’t be an idiot: Don’t get married without a prenup (Jeff Bezos anyone?), don’t invest all of your money into weed stocks, or crypto, or any volatile asset, and don’t blow the new money you earn on stupid toys or an extravagant lifestyle. Wait until you have predictable cash flow from passive/residual sources and then go crazy.
  • Pick one thing and stick to it: You can make a million dollars a million different ways. But you only need one. Pick one business idea or career and stick to it until you’re rich and have the wealth to fund your lifestyle until you can pursue the next idea or career to profitability. You don’t have to do one thing your whole life, but you must do one thing long enough to become an expert at it before you’ll get wealthy.

That’s it.

Put your head down and get to work.

If you do it right, it’ll be worth it (and you’ll have a helluva time along the way).

Stay Grounded,
Andrew Ferebee

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