6 Ways To Tell If An Instagram Account Is Fake


How can you tell if an Instagram account is fake? Have you ever come across an Instagram account and wondered how that account got that many followers?

Don’t overthink it because the answer just might have to do with fake accounts.

There are many reasons why someone might make a fake Instagram account. Some people create fake accounts to catfish others. People also create fake accounts so that people can actually buy and sell them to make it look like they have more followers.

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Fake Instagram accounts aren’t too difficult to find. AFROSAGES shows you six red flags to keep an eye out for if you’re trying to root them out:

1. The Account Has A Generic Bio

You can tell if an account is fake just by looking at its bio or description. According to Veloce International, a social media strategy site, those who create fake accounts do so by create hundreds of it, so they lack creativity isn’t their main concern.

The bios of these fake accounts look highly concocted up or randomly generated.

2. The Account Doesn’t Have Many Posts

If an account that seems suspicious has hardly any pictures or updates, the chances are that it’s a fake account. Sometimes these fake Instagram accounts are created just to follow other accounts.

3. The Posts On That Account Promote A Product

An account is likely to be fake if all its posts are promotional material, suspicious give-aways, or fake discounts on items. These accounts are either trying to click-bait you or trick you into buying into a scam.

Instagram Account
Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay 

4. The Accounts Followers Are Random

If an account has a bunch of random followers with no consistent people commenting on their pictures, there’s a chance that the account is fake.

5. The Account Is Following A Lot Of Other Accounts

Fake accounts go on aimless and accelerated following sprees and thus will have a higher ratio of accounts they’re following than actual followers that they have.

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6. The Account Was Created Recently

Seeing how old the Instagram account is can be a signal of whether the account is real or fake. Fake accounts will sometimes have lots of posts to make it seem like a real account, but if all of them are from around the same period, maybe they’re spamming for establish credibility.

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