6 Relationship Mistakes I Will Never Make Again


Have you ever been in a relationship or just gotten out of one that left you full of regrets? I have been in a few and i have to tell you, I’ve learnt valuable lessons from them. Here are 6 relationship mistakes I’ll never make again:

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1. Ignoring red flags. While there are some red flags that are forgivable such as a troublesome past or her not having the best job, red flags like her being single for only 1–2 months, cheating, talking bad and often about her ex and of course neediness are to be taken seriously at all times. Trust me on this one.

Relationship Mistakes

2. Trying to talk her into meeting up with me. You see, we never have to talk a girl that is really into us and really worth our time and effort into meeting up with us. This stuff comes naturally and high self-esteem women who are really into you will often ask you out themselves. If you are no ‘hell yeah’ for her right off the bat and have to bent into a pretzel to make things work, the relationship will be unbalanced.

3. Rationalising. There is this quote: ‘Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated’ and it is 100% true. When a girl isn’t receptive towards you and makes you feel lonely, sad and underappreciated (especially early on), she’s not into you because there is no attraction/spark on her part or because of her own issues. It’s that simple. Just move on to the next girl and always be in a position to walk away.

4. Entering a relationship without having an abundance of options available. Women have an abundance of options (even when you are in a relationship and married), that’s a fact and you should get it too. Especially before entering a relationship. So work on your abundance. It will remove all pressure and makes dating so easy and effortless because you won’t be focused on one single girl.

5. Texting too much. In dating, texting and calling are nothing more than tools to set up a time and place to meet up. That’s what this stuff has been made for. To bring people together.

Relationship Mistakes
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Of course you can have normal conversations over text, just don’t over do it and never ever have arguments via text. Texting is just too inaccurate and misunderstandings are extremely common here.

6. Putting up with bullshit. Respect is the foundation of any relationship and if you constantly have to deal with bullshit, it’s time to respect yourself and walk away.

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Here are the relationship mistakes i will not make again. Kindly share yours with us in the comment section.

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