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6 Forgotten Online Sensations

Online Sensations
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Social media made these 6 people online sensations overnight. They gave us great laughs, relatable quotes and a great collection of memes. For some reasons they no longer trend anymore.

Here are 6 forgotten online sensations

1. Two Thozin:

Two Thozin will be remembered for the opening prayer for the year 2015. “Actually this year everything will be possible different, it will be genuine and I hope the Almighty will give us the vision about 2015” Isn’t that a powerful prayer?

Online Sensations
Two Thozin

He continued to showcase his vast knowledge about the country’s economy by saying “Last year, the economy i couldn’t well. This year i hope everything is on delivery fresh from nature God”.

His celebrity status was short-lived as he couldn’t stay relevant for social media.

2. Kpa Kpa Kpa:

Another economy expect who emerged in 2015. His description of the economy was interesting. His explained how he survives without a permanent fixed job, like every street hustler.

“Kpa kpa kpa is a movement, if you move, you pass here, you pass here, you pass here. kpa kpa kpa kpa then you elaborate yourself then you……”

His movement didn’t last long as the hustlers became rich…

3. Rashida Black Beauty:

We have to thank Kush Man for making Rashida angry. Eighteen year old Rashida Black Beauty broke the internet with her “Malafaka” term. We should also be thanking Samuel L. Jackson as well since Rashida watched his movies and decided to use the “M” word…..

Online Sensations
Rashida Black Beauty

She won a JIGWE Award for her viral video. A sex tape of hers was leaked and that ended her fame.

4. Rubbin Adarkwa:

His hilarious account of the Atomic Junction gas explosion made him an instant hit. His antics made him an internet meme. He, however couldn’t keep up with appearances and has since failed to remain relevant in the media.

Rubbin Adarkwa

He even made radio appearances on Joy FM’s ‘Weekend City Show’ alongside Joseph Langabel.

5. Kimpistic:

Mr Kimpistic as he’s known went viral after showing off the expensive restaurants and hotels he dines and wines at. Whiles eating at Kempinski Hotel, he recorded a video to shade a rival, where he got the name from.

His fame was short-lived after he even tried to maintain his fame by hosting his show on Ameyaw TV but failed to succeed.

His name was used in a music by DJ Breezy.

6. Ghana TuPac Supa:

Online Sensations
Ghana 2Pac – Supa

The hottest internet star in Ghana in 2018. He was highly endorsed by celebrities when he broke the internet with his ghetto rap freestyles.

He has a single to his name. He even made a cameo appearance in UK star Stefflon Don’s music video.

He has since vanished from the Internet alongside his social media accounts.

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