Job Interview

6 Common Job Interview Questions and Answers.

The job interview is often the most dreaded part of getting your dream job, but with this comprehensive guide of questions and answers, you’ll go in more confident, which will ultimately help you land your dream job.

This is our 3rd article in our #EmployedPrenuer series.

Job Interview
Job Interview. (Image by rawpixel from Pixabay)

What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

You must have already written a cover letter describing yourself with a word like result-oriented or any other adjective with which you chose to describe yourself. Use something in your academic or previous job history to back up that answer.

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Examples include;

Detail-oriented, Hardworking, Managerial skills, Quick learner, Team player, Interpersonal skills, Creative, Analytical, Efficient, Ask good questions, Self-motivated, and Organized.

Always describe yourself with one or other of these when writing a cover letter.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

Do not respond with something cliche like “I work too hard.”, instead respond with areas you had problems but you have since fixed. If you used to be disorganized, tell the interviewer steps you have since taken to make yourself more organized.

Why Are You Interested In Working For (insert company)

You need to have done your due diligence on the company you’re applying to. You should know their vision and mission statement.

Common answers are: You believe in their mission. You have an interest in the industry. You like their brand. You believe your skillset can help the company succeed.

Tailor your answer to the specific company. Tell them how important you believe their company is to the industry and how you believe you can help bring the vision to fruition.

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Where Do You See Yourself In 5 years, 10 years?

With this question, they are simply trying to know if you’re here to stay or you want to use the company as a stepping stone. Common answers include: You hope to increase your skills and learn more about the industry.

You aren’t sure exactly where you’ll be in 5 years, but you’d like to have worked your way up into a management position. Avoid saying you have no idea.

Why Should We Hire You?

You have actually been answering this question throughout the whole course of the interview. So it has a fairly simple answer. Tell them how your history and work experience makes you an ideal candidate.

Reference the skills, abilities, and knowledge you have that is directly applicable to the job and/or transferable in some way. Tell the interviewer that you hope to make their job easier by taking on as much responsibility as possible.

Before the interview, you should have done your due diligence on the role you want to fill in the firm. Always tailor your answers to fit such roles as to why you are the best candidate for the job.

Tell Us About Yourself

This can be used as a trick whereby you spill too much about yourself. Older applicants can start talking about family history which helps the interviewers figure out what the real age of the candidate might be or decipher if they’ll be able to devote time to the job.

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Answer like this:

Stick to talking about the job and why you are interested in it. Talk about yourself in terms of interpersonal and communication skills. Let them know you’re a focused, goal/achievement-oriented person.

The more you practice this job interview session, the better you get at answering the questions. So let a close relation or friend play the role of an employer and practice your interview Q&A.

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